Fox News is scrambling after the jaw-dropping departure of one host no one saw coming

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Despite crushing its competition in viewership it’s been a rough week for Fox News. 

The network reached a $800 million settlement on the lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems in the wake of several hosts’ claims the voting machines affected the 2020 election’s outcome.

And now Fox News executives are scrambling after the jaw-dropping departure of one host no one saw coming.

Who is really the number one name in cable news?

Fox News has dominated its cable TV news competition for many, many years now. 

In fact, Fox News has actually garnered more total viewers than both CNN and MSNBC combined for 110 consecutive weeks now, and produced 14 of the top 15 most-watched cable news shows in 2022.

While The Five and Hannity put fannies in the seats Monday through Friday, shows like Life, Liberty, and Levin as well as Unfiltered with Dan Bongino have been attracting large weekend audiences for the number one rated network in cable news. 

Shakeup coming to Fox weekends

However, Fox News executives are going to have to work quickly to fill some big shoes in the weekend prime time lineup. 

Unfiltered and the Fox Nation series Canceled in the USA will be coming to an end, as the network and host Dan Bongino are parting ways. 

According to Bongino, it was a tough decision, but in the end, the two sides couldn’t come to terms on a new contract.

“The most important events in my life I learned about on Fox News,” Bongino added.  

Bongino’s show had been a strong weekend producer – last weekend’s episode pulled in nearly 1.2-Million viewers, more than double the average CNN audience for its best-rated programs. 

What’s next for Bongino?

This does not mean conservatives will no longer hear from the former Congressional candidate.

Bongino hosts a nationally syndicated radio talk show, and a successful daily podcast. 

The conservative firebrand is also a partial owner of the video-sharing platform Rumble. 

His Rumble channel has more than 2.65 million followers. 

And Bongino has started a payment processing company to challenge woke PayPal, called Parallel Economy – which promises not to blacklist companies for political opinions. 

Bongino’s fans will be waiting with bated breath to find out what his next venture will be. 

On his podcast, Bongino has often speculated about buying out one of the old-school “conservative” newspapers or magazines, and running it correctly. 

Only time will tell if Bongino turns that hypothetical into a reality, or if he goes in a different direction for his next project.

One thing is for sure, Bongino stays busy and profitable. 

Fake News gets it wrong again

For its part, Fox News wished its former employee well in parting. 

“We thank Dan for his contributions and wish him success in his future endeavors,” Fox News’ statement regarding the separation read.

Many Leftists on social media have been crowing about Bongino being “fired” by Fox News, however, that is not the case.

It was simply the two sides not coming to terms on a contract extension. 

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