Fox News executives are in a total panic after this fired former host went on CNN and put them on blast

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Traditional media as Americans have come to know it over the past century is in the beginning stages of its complete downfall.

Even the outlets many once thought were institutions that would last for generations are fighting just to keep their heads above water.

And now Fox News executives are in a total panic after this fired former host went on CNN and put them on blast.

The news has changed

Back in the old days, most Americans got their news from a handful of news outlets.

Channels like NBC, ABC, and CBS controlled nearly all the information Americans were getting on a daily basis.

And this made it a lot easier for the ruling class elites to control what people believed and how they behaved.

But those days are long gone, as there are countless news outlets across the country.

For years, cable news stations, like CNN and MSNBC, have been failing dramatically in viewership.

CNN is only still on the airwaves because it’s the only thing they play in airports and most doctor’s offices.

And based on recent events, it looks like Fox News is now going down the same path of irrelevancy.

After Fox News turned on its viewers by firing the most watched cable TV news host of all-time, Tucker Carlson – one of the worst decisions in the history of corporate media – the network’s ratings have dropped dramatically.

And the bad days keep compounding for Fox News.

Just this past week, elitist executives were forced to layoff many writers, contributors, and producers from the former media powerhouse.

And now, a former Fox News co-host is putting the network on blast.

Geraldo strikes back

Back in June, Geraldo Rivera was unexpectedly fired from Fox News.

Rivera had a reputation for being one of Fox News’ outspoken left-wing contributors.

But even with his left-wing tendencies, it’s difficult to deny that Rivera had a successful media career, both before and during his time at Fox News – who could forget his famous Fort Knox news story?

And after his firing, Rivera apparently didn’t take it well, and chose to go on CNN to blast his former employer.

During an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, the host asked Rivera, “Did you feel hamstrung there or, muzzled, you know?”

Rivera didn’t hold back in his response.

“Well, I — you know, you are muzzled,” Rivera said. “Corporate discipline muzzles people, even if, you know, self-muzzlement if that’s a word. I felt — you know, first of all, they denied me permission to go on many shows over the course of my long career there. They have a very rigid, very controlling kind of discipline.”

When asked what Fox News was afraid of, Rivera proudly claimed it was his “flamboyance” and claims he made about former President Donald Trump.

“Oh, my flamboyance and, you know, saying things like I said about the President — former President Trump, you know that he knifed the Constitution in the back,” Rivera claimed. “When you have that as your attitude that’s your — you know, position and you’re in a conservative milieu, you know, it’s — it’s pretty noxious to folks who believe a certain way.”

Whatever you think of Fox News, it is undeniable that the network is in serious trouble with its declining viewership lately.

A few more bad stories for Fox News and the network could be off the airwaves.

Do you still watch Fox News?