Former intelligence officials seem to be in high demand at these prominent Big Tech companies

Over the past few years, social media platforms have gotten way too comfortable suppressing the speech of Americans.

Recently, Elon Musk has taken a sledgehammer to the thinly veiled collusion between Twitter and the Deep State.

Now Silicon Valley is under a microscope and new revelations show former intelligence officials are in high demand at multiple Big Tech companies.

Explosive reporting shows former intel officials holding top positions at Big Tech companies

Elon Musk exposed many former and current FBI agents and their active roles at Twitter. 

Some might have expected the cornerstone social media platform to be a one-off but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

New reporting shows many former intelligence officials working in senior positions at some of the most influential Big Tech companies.

Reporter Alan MacLeod had previously helped identify scores of people at Twitter that also had held positions at the FBI. 

Now he has found startling evidence of potential government infiltration at several other companies.

In his report he found that CIA agents were also among the top positions at Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. 

Many of these agents were holding highly politicized positions overseeing “trust” and “safety” initiatives.

Senior CIA operative for 17 years working as manager for major policies at Meta

Aaron Berman is the current Senior Policy Manager regarding misinformation at Facebook’s parent company, Meta. 

Prior to his arrival in Silicon Valley, he was a senior CIA operative managing data analysis and worked for the agency for over 17 years. 

He once shared a video on Facebook describing his job managing “the team that writes the rules for Facebook,” he said that it was their duty to decide “what is acceptable and what is not.” 

He explained that the team works to take down “harmful content” while “protecting freedom of speech.”

Berman previously worked on the President’s daily brief and was directly involved in creating and editing it. 

He was there to help “senior US officials to make decisions on the most critical national security issues” according to his LinkedIn profile.

He specifically focused on “the impacts of influence operations of social media movements, security and democracy,” according to MacLeod’s reporting.

The report went on to detail at least six other intelligence officials that currently work for Meta in highly consequential positions. 

It also reveals several employees that have worked or are currently working for Google. 

Former CIA agent becomes senior manager for “Global Trust and Safety” at Google

Ryan Fugit worked as an officer in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations for eight years. 

On LinkedIn he said that he had “led and oversaw the global collection and reporting of technical cyber threats.”

After his time working for the CIA, he began a role as a senior manager where he led a “Global Trust and Safety team of full-time employees and vendors.” 

They did things like monitor the dark web, cyber threats, and open-source intel collection. 

The arrangement between Big Tech and Big Government was a revolving door

While the report detailed many former government agents that had turned to Silicon Valley for work, sometimes employees of Big Tech made moves over to the intel agencies.

Kristie Canegallo is one such example. 

She worked as Google’s Vice President of Trust and Safety for many years. 

Now she is Chief of Staff for the Department of Homeland Security.

This regular exchange of employees between Big Tech and government intel is troubling to say the least. 

Something needs to put a stop to it.

Donald Trump outlined a major plan to renew strength in the First Amendment by banning such arrangements. 

The only problem is that we can’t wait for 2024. 

We need Congress to act now.

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