Football fans were left in stitches when this center was caught on a hot mic telling his quarterback one secret about his derrière

BalticHurricanes, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In sports it’s always best to expect the unexpected.

But no one was expecting this.

And now football fans were left in stitches when this center was caught on a hot mic telling his quarterback one secret about his derrière.

Life is boring without a little chaos

Life is boring when things are scripted. 

Just think about it.

Going to your kids’ high school play is absolutely dreadful as everything is scripted. 

But go to your toddlers dance or vocal recital and let the entertainment commence. 

One kid is crying, another kid is break dancing, and one is missing. 

The spontaneous scene is about as much entertainment you can get from your kids’ performances. 

The same philosophy goes for sports. 

Television shows today are as boring as it gets, as they are dry and predictable. 

But sports, on the other hand, are filled with unexpected turns and scenes no one could have ever imagined. 

And that’s what we love about sports. 

Maybe it’s an equipment malfunction that leaves a player stuck in pads.

Or throw a wild animal on the field and watch the chaos ensue.

Nothing makes the games more entertaining than watching something unfold you never could have imagined. 

And now, sports has delivered another unforgettable and hilarious moment.

This past weekend the United Football League had a matchup not many people were paying too much attention to between the Houston Roughnecks and Michigan Panthers. 

“My a** is not this wet.”

The Panthers came into the game as heavy favorites, racking up a 6-2 record through the first eight games of the year, while the Roughnecks limped in with a dismal 1-7 record. 

But the game was shockingly close, and ultimately became must-see television. 

And heading into the middle of the fourth quarter, the game was still neck-and-neck, but players were starting to drop like flies from the heat. 

The game was in the heart of Texas with mid-90s temperatures and over 60% humidity. 

At this point of the game, most of the players were dripping in sweat from head to toe – not a single piece of equipment or their uniforms were anywhere remotely close to dry.

But as fans were enjoying one heck of a game, they got more than they bargained for when the Roughneck’s center, Jack Kramer, started to tell his quarterbacks about his wet butt. 

Kramer was trying to ensure his quarterback that his butt wasn’t naturally wet. 

He explained that the source of his swamp a** was from an athletic trainer applying a sponge to his buttocks. 

Kramer told his quarterback, “I just want you to know my a** is not this wet.”

Just watch this amazing exchange for yourself. 

But ultimately, the offense was forced to utilize the pistol formation – a modified version of the traditional shotgun formation, in which the quarterback is roughly four yards behind the center rather than the five to seven yards they typically utilize in shotgun – so that the quarterback’s hands wouldn’t be soaked when taking the snap. 

And after the switch to the pistol formation, the Roughneck’s offense fizzled out as they lost the game to the Panthers.

Can you imagine losing a game because of a dripping, soggy butt?

Would you stick your hand up a wet center’s butt?