FBI whistleblowers just exposed the massive false narrative the Biden regime is working overtime to create

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Joe Biden is willing to do whatever it takes to force Democrats’ radical woke agenda into law while silencing anyone who disagrees with it.

He’s used the Department of Justice to persecute the former President and bully working class Americans.

Now whistleblowers are telling Congress that Biden’s FBI is working overtime to create a false narrative.

Whistleblowers set to testify before House Select Committee about “abuses of power” at the FBI

Joe Biden has spent his entire term warning about what he calls “MAGA extremists,” claiming that they are taking America down a dark path.

However, whistleblowers inside the FBI who will soon testify before Congress have revealed that this couldn’t be further from the truth, and that the bureau was helping support the narrative.

Three whistleblowers from Biden’s FBI say that they witnessed “abuses of power” by the bureau’s leadership, and it is impacting national security.

They claim that the bureau is discriminating against conservatives, and pumping up statistics on domestic terrorism to support the President’s claims.

The FBI whistleblowers are set to give their testimony in a House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing this week.

Suspended special agents Garret O’Boyle and Steve Friend, as well as former State Operations Specialist Marcus Allen, will give the details.

Despite facing retaliation, the men will explain what they saw and what it means for the country.

FBI is using “manipulative” tactics to create “misleading crime statistics”

Friend and O’Boyle already gave an interview in February in which they alleged to have received specific instructions from FBI leadership, directing them to put all their efforts into “domestic violent extremism.”

The special agents were also directed to ignore standard law enforcement procedures in January 6 cases.

The whistleblowers believe these instructions were handed down by FBI leadership in an effort to support the President and his fellow Democrats’ narrative that supposed domestic extremism is a major threat to the United States.

Friend said that “the manipulative casefile practice creates false and misleading crime statistics constituting false official federal statements.”

The special agent went on to say that the FBI used “hundreds of investigations stemming from an isolated incident” on January 6 to “point to significant increases in domestic violent extremism and terrorism around the United States.”

The DOJ has revoked both officials’ security clearances since they came forward as whistleblowers.

The whistleblowers’ revelations come on the heels of a 1,000-page report issued by Republicans in November about the “FBI and DOJ politicization.”

Grassley says the FBI’s “political infection” threatens the reputation of federal agencies

These whistleblowers are just a fraction of those who have stepped forward to tell their story to Congress.

In total, there have been at least 14 officials who have claimed that FBI leadership is practicing “political bias” against conservatives in order to push them out of the bureau.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) was one of three elected officials to testify before the House Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

He said it’s “clear” that the Biden “Justice Department and the FBI are suffering from a political infection that, if it’s not defeated, will cause the American people no longer to trust these storied institutions.”

Senator Grassley and Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) co-authored a letter to the FBI in late 2022, directing the bureau to change course, and “immediately cease the disciplinary actions” against the whistleblowers.

The Committee’s hearing with the whistleblowers has been condemned by the FBI and Democrats.

For his part, FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed the agency has been “unfairly criticized,” and that Americans should stand behind the work the Bureau allegedly does for them.

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