Experts are worried about what illegal immigrants could do the Electoral College and House of Representatives

Photo by David Peinado from Pexels

A bombshell revelation is shaking the very foundations of American democracy as immigration experts sound the alarm over President Biden’s executive order.

This order could drastically alter representation in Congress and the Electoral College. 

Experts on immigration are boldly speaking out about what could happen to the Electoral College and the House of Representatives because of illegal immigration. 

President Joe Biden recently issued an executive order that mandates that all U.S. residents – including illegal aliens and others who aren’t actually citizens of the nation – be factored into the U.S. Census Bureau’s population count. 

Experts warn that this will lead to a skewed distribution of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Electoral College votes, that will permanently tip the scales of America’s elections in Democrats’ favor.

Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian minced no words in his response to Biden’s order, calling the inclusion of illegal aliens in the census count “outrageous.” 

He highlighted how this could distort American democracy – which Democrats claim they want to safeguard – giving undue influence to individuals who are not even supposed to be in the country, much less wielding any influence over American elections.

According to estimates from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, there are roughly 17 million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. – although there’s probably more. 

If those estimates are correct – and they’re likely very conservative – America’s illegal alien population is now larger than every single U.S. state except California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

This staggering figure translates to roughly 22 seats in the House, significantly impacting states’ representation in Congress.

The recent census underscored the precarious nature of how census figures dictate the number of House seats awarded to each state as New York lost one Congressional seat due to a decline of just 89 residents.

This delicate balance could be further destabilized by the influx of illegal aliens.

Lora Ries, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Border Security and Immigration Center, issued a stark warning about the consequences of illegal immigration on Congressional representation. 

She emphasized the need to prioritize American citizens in shaping the political landscape and prevent foreign nationals from influencing U.S. elections.

In response to these concerns, some Members of Congress have introduced the Equal Representation Act. 

This legislation aims to include a citizenship question in future censuses, and prohibit noncitizens from being counted for Congressional district and Electoral College apportionment. 

Critics argue that this move is long overdue in safeguarding the integrity of American democracy.

Former President Trump’s efforts to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census questionnaire ignited a firestorm of controversy. 

Despite facing opposition from Democrats and immigration groups, Trump remained steadfast in his commitment to ensuring that American citizens’ rights were protected.

As the debate over immigration and representation intensifies, the stakes could not be higher. 

With the next census slated for 2030, the time to act is now.

As the Biden regime grapples with immigration policy, it is essential to hold elected officials accountable and demand transparency in the decision-making process. 

The future of the American republic hangs in the balance, and it’s up to us to protect it.

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