Everything the globalist elites said at Davos should put the American people on notice

For the past 30 years, the world’s elite politicians and business leaders have been meeting at Davos to “save the world from certain doom.”

The group has taken it upon themselves to find or create problems they claim are plaguing humanity and then lecture us on what we must sacrifice to save ourselves.

And literally everything the globalist elites said at Davos should put the American people on notice.

“Great Reset” plans on full display at Davos

Scores of private jets descended on the mountain community of Davos, Switzerland to deliver businessmen and politicians from around the world. 

Their task—discussing the fate of humanity and what they can do to control it.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) finally wrapped up their 35th annual meeting of global elites. 

It was really a gathering of the world’s most elite and another PR stunt for the “Great Reset” and the “Build Back Better” crowd – who are looking to radically change the way you live and do business.

While climate change was still discussed, this year had a new focus. 

The focus for 2023 was on the dangers of disinformation and the need for medical surveillance strategies. 

The WEF is a huge advocate for Big Pharma and Big Government and wants to make sure they know who has been vaccinated and who is a “danger.”

Tony Blair wants “national digital infrastructure” to track vaccinations

Former Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Blair participated in a panel in which he said there was an “impetus” for vaccine ID systems. 

He believes the WEF should be “helping countries to develop a national digital infrastructure which they will need with these new vaccines.”

He described a world where “beyond a particular disease or pandemic,” widespread tracking could help health professionals identify actions to take for public health. 

This is an incredibly eerie thing to be hearing but it isn’t surprising at this event.

The Brownstone Institute was founded to find out “what happened” and “understand why” countries so quickly gave up their freedoms during the pandemic. 

Their President, Jeffrey Tucker has said “WEF was hugely influential, championing every form of COVID control from lockdowns to vaccine mandates.”

“Global Shapers” will save us from disinformation

Freedom of speech is one of the biggest problems for these technocrats and the subject wasn’t spared at the meeting. 

They say there is a need to confront “The Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation.”

WEF assembled a panel to discuss the issue, which they cleverly called the “Global Shapers.” 

The panel included Brian Stelter who previously anchored the hilariously misnamed CNN segment called Reliable Sources

Stelter was fired after the company lost a lion’s share in ratings due to providing more left-wing opinion than fact.

New York Times publisher, A.G. Sulzberger was the center of attention on stage. 

He described disinformation as a bigger problem than “every other major challenge that we are grappling with as a society.”

Sulzberger also made the wild claim that his organization always acknowledges their mistakes “in public and correct them.” 

The problem is that they single-handedly created the false narrative behind the “1619 Project” that gave rise to Marxist Critical Race Theory infiltrating government schools at all levels.

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring moment of the whole week was when John Kerry, US Climate Envoy, described he and the other attendees as “extraterrestrial” for their mission in trying to save the planet.

Nothing said at Davos sounds normal, but Kerry took the cake with his bizarre comment.

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