Even this liberal talk show host has drawn a line with “woke” culture

For Democrats these days, being “woke” has become a religion of sorts. 

Woke culture has impacted nearly every aspect of modern life in America, and those forcing it on us are constantly changing the definition of what is acceptable or not. 

But now, even this liberal talk show host has drawn a line with woke culture. 

Woke culture is destroying America and all of western society

Much like the cultural revolutions in Maoist China, Democrats have unleashed an all-out war on American culture. 

Fundamental values like the nuclear family and Christianity are now being decried as “racist” and “bigoted” by those on the Left. 

Radical Leftists are replacing these institutions with their own perverted culture where drag queens groom children and anybody can marry anyone regardless of gender, number of people, or even whether they are even human. 

And instead of learning Math and English, young students are being taught to hate America and each other. 

The Left in America has always pushed the envelope of what is acceptable, but what they are doing now is not just disgusting, but flat out dangerous. 

Things have gotten so bad that even many on the Left are saying that enough is enough. 

Bill Maher has had it

One such liberal is late-night host Bill Maher, who got into a heated exchange with actor Bryan Cranston on Maher’s new podcast “Club Random”. 

During the podcast, Cranston went on a tangent about how he believes Critical Race Theory should be taught at all schools. 

More specifically, Cranston said “I mean, (we should be) teaching how the race trade and racism is systemic in everything we’ve done in government, in social activities.” 

He added, “It’s like, for example, why the Second Amendment really has to do with, in a country where you were keeping a hostile people in chains, you needed guns to keep the lid on that. So that’s a lot to do with why other countries don’t have a Second Amendment the way we do.”

But Bill Maher was not having it, despite being a devout liberal. 

Maher responded to these ridiculous claims about Critical Race Theory, “I mean, it’s just one of these catch-all terms, if you mean we should honestly teach our past, of course, if you mean more what the 1619 book says, which is that it’s just the essence of America and that we are irredeemable, that’s just wrong.”
Bill Maher is exactly right on this issue. 

Critical Race Theory has its roots in Marxist ideology

Children should not be indoctrinated with this radical revisionist and socialist-based ideology at such a young age, or at any age for that matter. 

Critical race theory is nothing more than Marxist fundamentalism, which has no place in America’s government schools. 

In fact, the beginnings of Critical Race Theory were rooted in Marxism and socialist ideology.

This is not the first time Bill Maher has voiced his concerns about teaching critical race theory in public schools.

Maher proves that not all leftists are in favor of the radical CRT indoctrination that has engulfed the Democrats and teacher unions. 

The bottom line is that children need to learn lessons about what really matters, and not this putrid nonsense that the Left is espousing.  

In order to prevent children from being brainwashed with this garbage, parents on both sides of the political divide must stand up for what is right, and for their children.

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