ESPN’s Pat McAfee has the woke outrage mob melting down over one statement about the WNBA’s racist attacks against Caitlin Clark

Righanred, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats hate nothing more than when you use their own arguments against them.

That’s especially true when their media allies like the self-proclaimed “journalists” at ESPN deviate from their script to call out a bit of hypocrisy.

And now ESPN’s Pat McAfee has the woke outrage mob melting down over one statement about the WNBA’s racist attacks against Caitlin Clark.

The WNBA is getting noticed for all the wrong reasons

Democrats are known for engaging in intentionally divisive political schemes.

And one of their favorite weapons of causing mass political chaos is claiming that everything is a product of so-called “racism.” 

You name the issue and the woke outrage mob will claim that either the issue itself, or the correct prescription for said issue, are somehow “racist.”

Ultimately, Democrats have gotten away with using the race card with little push back.

So as you can imagine, Democrats are now using the race card as a weapon to attack the WNBA’s new star, Caitlin Clark.

Since the WNBA was founded in 1996, the league has been a total non-factor as far as the overwhelming majority of sports fans are concerned.

In fact, the league has been so unpopular, the NBA has been forced to subsidize the WNBA with its revenue in order to keep the league from going bankrupt on a yearly basis.

But now, Clark has breathed new life into the sport, bringing in significantly more attention – and therefore, revenue opportunities – for the league.

And in return, she’s been subjected to outright abuse and blatantly racist attacks from other WNBA players and Democrats’ media allies.

Many sports media talking heads have even gone so far to claim that Clark only receives the attention she does because she’s white, even though there have been countless white WNBA players who have been amongst the league’s top players since its inception.

Pat McAfee is a national treasure

But ESPN’s Pat McAfee, who previously played for the Indianapolis Colts and has maintained a deep love for the city and state of Indiana since his retirement – even basing his ESPN show out of the area – recently decided it was time to set the record straight.

During Monday’s show, McAfee made it a point to call out all of Clark’s haters.

“I would like the media people that continue to say, ‘This rookie class, this rookie class, this rookie class,’” McAfee said. “Nah, just call it for what it is – there’s one White b*tch for the Indiana team who is a superstar.”

As you can imagine, using the term “white b*tch” sent Democrats and their media allies into a frenzy. 

But then, McAfee drove the point home. 

He pointed out that Clark hasn’t built up her fame because she’s white, but rather, because she’s one of the best rookies the WNBA has ever seen.

“Is it because she stayed in Iowa and put an entire state on her back?” McAfee added. “Took a program from nothing to a multiple-year success story? Is it because she would go on to break the entire points record in the history of the NCAA? Not just the women’s record by Kelsey Plum – shout out – but also ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich’s. The dude’s records as well. Is there a chance that people just enjoy watching her play basketball because of how electrifying she is? What she stood for, how she went about going what she went for? Maybe.  But instead, we have to hear people say we only like her because she’s White. And she’s only popular because the rest of the rookie class is doing what they’re doing. That’s a bunch of bulls—, and we think the WNBA, more specifically their refs, need to stop trying to screw her over at every single turn. What you have is somebody special, and we’re lucky she’s here in Indiana.

And just to add insult to injury for Democrats, McAfee did this live on ESPN. 

This is why McAfee has one of the biggest followings in sports media.

Will Pat McAfee still be on ESPN this time next year?