Eric Swalwell’s latest claim about Trump and his supporters will make you laugh out loud

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Ever since Donald Trump announced his first run for the Presidency in 2015 Democrats have made it their mission to ruin his life. 

One bogus lawsuit and witch hunt after another has proven this but the former President’s latest legal hurdle is his toughest yet. 

But Eric Swalwell’s latest claim about Trump and his supporters will make you laugh out loud.

Democrats share an unbridled hatred for Trump and Republican voters

Since day one, the Democrat Party has fostered a hatred for former President Donald Trump and the tens of millions of Americans who had the audacity to vote for him.

Demonizing and trying to imprison Trump, and anyone even remotely supportive of him, is their top priority, even if it means tearing America apart at the seams.

One of Trump’s most vocal opponents is Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who ran for President in 2020 despite failing to receive even 1% support from Democrat voters.

Swalwell truly made a name for himself after he was caught in an alleged sexual affair with a Communist Chinese spy, despite being a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

And on last Thursday’s episode of MSNBC’s Deadline, Swalwell doubled down on his hatred for Donald Trump, calling him, and anyone who supports him, vicious names.

“They don’t want a rule of law,” Swalwell claimed. “They want a rule of mob with Donald Trump as the lead mobster. That’s clear now. But the truth is, they have run this play before. Right?”

“And so, I just think the Trump Administration — or the Trump team – doesn’t know how to define Joe Biden, right?” he added. “They want him to be sleepy Joe and corrupt Joe. And you can’t be both sleepy and corrupt. And the truth is, he is neither. And it’s just a lack of being able to define him because they fear him, so now they’re going to threaten him.”

Although Swalwell claims that Republicans are afraid of Biden, the exact opposite is more likely the case. 

President Biden has failed to do anything with class or poise throughout his time in the White House.

Instead, he stumbles over his words – and himself – at nearly every single public appearance.

It is not just Trump supporters who do not trust President Biden, but rather the vast majority of Americans, including a majority of Democrat voters.

As it stands, according to Real Clear Politics, Biden’s average approval rating sits at just 40.8%, which is pathetically low, to say the least. 

One recent poll of 1,148 registered voters conducted by Daily Kos and Civiqs showed that the Democrat President approval sits at a mere 37%

Americans are sick and tired of President Biden, regardless of what his cronies espouse on television. 

Biden is a very unpopular President regardless of what his goons say

Although Rep. Swawell’s comments may shock some, they fall in line with what Biden and his Democrat cronies have been claiming for years. 

They hate Trump and his supporters because they know they stand in the way of their Marxist vision for America.

The repeated attempts to ruin his life with one lie after another are part of their plan to silence Donald Trump one and far. 

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