Eric Swalwell just made a laughable claim about the midterm election

The Midterm elections were disappointing to say the least.

The absence of a much predicted “red wave” has emboldened the Left and Democrats are running a victory lap.

And Eric Swalwell just made a laughable claim about the Midterm elections.

Some Democrats are taking the election result as an endorsement of their disastrous policies. 

Never mind that Republicans still managed to take control of the House, the fact that the GOP underperformed expectations has them gloating. 

Appearing on MSNBC’s Deadline, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) made the ludicrous claim that voters “rewarded Democrat competence.”

“Feeling very good, Nicolle. The voters clearly rejected chaos, and that’s what the Republicans ran on. And they awarded competence. We ran on the infrastructure bill, the CHIPS Act, the Rescue Plan, and that frame worked in our direction. It was really a win for democracy. And then we also had this other frame of we can be a country that picks its leaders by voting or we can be a country that picks its leaders by violence. And the Republicans were more comfortable with violence over the last two years. So the voters have spoken. And regardless of where the majority lands, we beat every single expectation that was out there. The Republicans laid a historic egg,” the Congressman said. 

Certainly not competent governing

Democrat leadership over the last two has been anything but competent.

We are suffering the worst inflation in 40 years with no end in sight. 

Our southern border is being overrun with illegal aliens and deadly drugs like fentanyl.

Crime has surged all over the country. 

Our foreign policy is a disaster, which has emboldened our enemies.

This has been perhaps one of the most incompetent administrations in decades. 

And, no, voters don’t believe Joe Biden and the Democrats have been competent. 

Polls have shown 75% believe we are headed in the wrong direction. 

The only area Democrats have possibly shown competence is in campaigning. 

At least more competent at campaigning than the GOP was this year. 

Democrats outspent Republicans in key races across the country. 

The other advantage they had going for them was sticking together. 

Republican infighting hurt in several races in which Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnel pulled money from key races after his establishment candidates lost to Trump-backed challengers. 

Supposed chaos and violent rhetoric

Swalwell also accused Republicans of “violent rhetoric.”

“The voters rejected violent rhetoric. We see it from Republicans that was on the ballot. And Andy Biggs, who received 33 votes today in the Republican conference running against Kevin McCarthy, he made one of the worst jokes about Speaker Pelosi and her husband just a week ago,” Swalwell claimed.

Of course he left out the fact that Pelosi’s husband was attacked by a leftist lunatic, nudist, illegal alien who displayed a gay pride flag and a Black Lives Matter banner at his home. 

He also left out the countless times Democrats have engaged in violent rhetoric that’s actually gotten people killed, ignited riots, and led to high-level assassination attempts. 

When it comes to governing, Democrats are completely incompetent.

But Republicans better get competent at campaigning quickly. 

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