Environmental extremists just won their biggest legal battle yet in the United States. And now every American will be forced to suffer the consequences.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

America’s judicial system has become a national joke.

As such environmental extremists just won their biggest legal battle yet in the United States.

And now every American will be forced to suffer the consequences.

America’s judicial system is a kangaroo court

Back in the day, Americans could rely on the courts to act in a just manner.

But as we’ve seen over the past couple of years, that’s not the case anymore.

From the local to federal level, the court system has been taken over by the ruling class elites and left-wing activists.

Just look at what they’re doing to former President Donald Trump.

A decade ago, no court in its right mind would have signed off on the warrants and indictments against Trump.

And nearly everyone knows that the push to throw Trump in jail is nothing but a kangaroo court.

But, unfortunately, the court is happily going along, if not encouraging, such bad behavior and injustices by the Justice Department.

And it’s not just Trump who is in the crosshairs of the legal system, as we have seen the court personally attack citizens for practicing their Constitutional rights.

Who can forget when the courts sentenced people to jail for just being out in public during COVID?

Not one judge was upset when a mother in Idaho was thrown in jail for taking her kids to the playground.

But the madness just has gotten worse since COVID.

The courts just keep finding new ways to show the American people how radical they have become.

But even with the radicalization of the courts, no one thought things would get this bad.

Huge legal victory for environmental extremists

For years now, environmental extremists have been trying to use the courts to stop vital national infrastructure, like the fossil fuel industry.

The theory is, if they can stop the government from issuing permits to gas companies, and if they can make the gas companies liable for climate change, then fossil fuels will eventually go away in the near future as the legal costs will be too great for companies to make profits.

And that Democrat pipe dream is now a reality.

This past Monday, a Montana judge ruled that state agencies were somehow violating citizens’ Constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment by issuing permits for fossil fuels.

Judge Seeley ruled that “Montana’s emissions and climate change have been proven to be a substantial factor in causing climate impacts to Montana’s environment and harm and injury” to citizens.

This is exactly what environmental extremists have been dreaming of for years.

If this ruling withstands the appeal process, Americans need to watch out as now there is precedent in the courts that will only be magnified in Democrat-controlled states.

And once this becomes mainstream, the U.S. oil and gas industry will be non-existent.

Will Americans be allowed to use gas in twenty years?