Environmental extremists are livid after these scientists exposed the startling reality of ESG standards no one bothered to investigate beforehand

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Major corporations are working diligently with the ruling class elites to change the world.

They want to impose extremist environmental standards in line with backroom deals they’ve created.

And now environmental extremists are livid after these scientists exposed the startling reality of ESG standards no one bothered to investigate beforehand.

“Little to no correlation” between ESG and reducing carbon emissions

The ruling class elites and environmental extremists took a major hit this week after scientists exposed their environmental, social, corporate governance (ESG) framework as “little” help in the supposed fight against rising carbon emissions, which Democrats and their environmental extremist allies have claimed will end life on Earth if not addressed.

Researchers at Scientific Beta published findings that show companies who have been granted high ESG ratings still pollute just as much as companies with low ESG ratings.

They also found that the problem isn’t based on the size of the companies — meaning that carbon emissions per market productivity or carbon intensity doesn’t change.

This proves that the ruling class elites pushing ESG standards aren’t succeeding in their stated goal to provide a greener future.

According to Scientific Beta research director Felix Goltz, “ESG ratings have little to no relation to carbon intensity, even when considering only the environmental pillar of these ratings.”

Goltz argued that it seems no one, including those who push ESG standards the hardest, has ever really looked into the correlations, and “they are surprisingly low.”

The researchers also went on to suggest that these frameworks have an inverse correlation.

ESG objectives “effectively canceled out” other carbon mitigation actions

The study showed that companies that had previously focused solely on carbon reduction will see an increase in carbon production, if ESG standards are mandated.

They can try as they might, but it’s likely that companies embracing ESG will see up to 90% of their efforts washed away – but at least they’ll feel better about themselves, right?

“The carbon intensity reduction of green [i.e. low carbon intensity] portfolios can be effectively canceled out by adding ESG objectives,” the study reads, adding that adding the objectives would lead “to a substantial deterioration in green performance” by the companies.

“A high-emitting firm [may be] very good at governance or employee satisfaction,” Goltz added. “There is no strong relationship between employee satisfaction or any of these things and carbon intensity.”

“An average, social and governance scores more than completely reversed the carbon reduction objective,” he said.

That has people scratching their heads over the issue of implementing these standards worldwide.

ESG assessments can’t be accurately depicted because they are an “aggregate product”

The research comes at a time when ESG investments have been championed by the global ruling class elites, and major corporations.

The demand for “sustainable” funds has contributed to nearly $50 billion worth of investments in the first half of 2023, at a time when most funds are seeing a reduction in yield.

Vice-president for ESG outreach and research at Moody’s, Keeran Gwilliam-Beeharee also echoed the sentiment expressed in the study.

He said that the “perception [is] that ESG assessments do something that they do not” adding that the assessments are merely an “aggregate product,” which makes it difficult to see the true results.

Gwilliam-Beeharee noted that following the proposal of the UN’s sustainable development goals, things became a bit clearer.

“People began to really focus on the issue of climate, [but] they quickly realized that an ESG assessment is not going to be much use there and that they need the right tool for the task,” Gwilliam-Beeharee said.

In other words, there’s no way to tie ESG standards to any reduction in carbon emissions, or their impact on the climate.

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