Email to Jim Baker reveals why there were vast expenditures paid by the FBI to Twitter

Elon Musk seems to be going to war with the federal government and intelligence agencies.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that when he bought Twitter, he was buying the most expensive crime scene in history.

And one of his latest revelations shows how much the FBI was spending at Twitter and why they were doing it.

FBI paid nearly $3.5 million to Twitter in “reimbursement program” for employee time

New revelations out of Twitter show how much money the FBI was willing to give to Twitter in exchange for censorship powers and data collection.

One of the most earth-shattering pieces of evidence to come out of the Twitter Files is an email that was written to Jim Baker by a Twitter employee in February 2020. 

The email disclosed that the company’s Safety, Content, and Law Enforcement (SCALE) was being quite lucrative for the company.

According to the email, SCALE was collecting millions of dollars from the FBI in a “reimbursement program.” 

The company brought in nearly $3.5 million for “processing requests for the FBI.”

The email subject line seemed to celebrate the arrangement with the title, “Run the Business- We made money!”

FBI was flagging conservatives while allegedly working to counter “foreign influence operations”

According to other revelations, the FBI was working with Twitter to ban accounts that were flagged as “foreign influence operations” but oftentimes also targeted prominent conservative accounts.

This was how they originally justified the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story calling it “Russian disinformation” though eventually the facts came out. 

Baker was directly involved in stifling the Hunter Biden laptop story. 

According to reports, FBI colleagues briefed Baker and the following day Yoel Roth acted on it.

“There are some facts that indicate the materials may have been hacked,” wrote Roth in an email to Twitter teammates. 

He went on to say that he assumed the company would “restrict access to [the New York Post] article as violation of our Hacked Materials policy.”

Musk says the “millions of dollars” were paid to Twitter so they would “censor info”

The Twitter Files have sparked outrage amongst conservatives while being largely ignored by Democrats and the corporate-controlled press. 

Elon Musk wrote on Twitter, “Government paid Twitter millions of dollars to censor info from the public.”

Others have gone on to accuse the FBI of directly influencing the 2020 Presidential elections as well as possibly others. 

Presumed Speaker McCarthy has said there will be accountability and that “this is going to be a much bigger situation than people realize.” 

McCarthy vows to “change the course of the FBI” and stop them from censoring the truth

He accuses the FBI and private businesses of “working together” with the intention of going “after individuals right before an election” and “denying the American public the truth.”

McCarthy says that not only will the House issue subpoenas to the FBI but they will also “change the course of where the FBI is today.”

The Twitter Files shouldn’t be a partisan issue. 

The evidence is pointing toward a problem within our government that is very damaging to both parties. It erodes trust in our institutions and demoralizes our nation. 

The FBI wasn’t just requesting the appropriate takedown of posts. 

They were also priming Twitter leadership to remove anything that might have been politically damaging to a candidate.

This is an egregious abuse of powers that will bring our nation to its knees.

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