Elon Musk was left rolling on the floor in laughter after one of Hollywood’s top actors hit him with this bonkers tweet

Heisenberg Media, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats’ vitriol for any public figure who dares disagree with them on even a single issue rises to irrational levels. 

And perhaps no Democrats are more irrational than Hollywood Democrats. 

But now Elon Musk was left rolling on the floor in laughter after one of Hollywood’s top actors hit him with this bonkers tweet.

The rise and fall of Elon Musk

Elon Musk was once viewed as a superstar by the Left after he proved electric cars could be cool.

Democrats thought Musk would finally be the man to save the planet from those evil Republicans and their gas-guzzling automobiles. 

Musk’s name was spoken with nothing short of reverence by ruling class elites and the media.

But then, a Democrat member of the California state Legislature decided to tweet, “F**k Elon Musk,” and the self-admitted life-long Democrat responded with “message received,” leading him to relocate much of the operations of both Tesla and SpaceX from California to Texas where the companies were able to take advantage of far lower taxes and less regulations. 

Musk began speaking out about the extreme, freedom-freezing agenda that was becoming mainstream in the Democrat Party.

Woke left-wing extremists were enraged by what they felt was a devastating betrayal, and Musk has been in their crosshairs ever since. 

And the relationship only deteriorated further after the PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX founder purchased Twitter for the sole purpose of safeguarding freedom of speech on the social media platform. 

Now, the mere mention of Musk’s name triggers the woke left-wing outrage mob into a frenzy, and sends them ranting all the way to their nearest safe-space bubble. 

Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis break John Cusack

The latest Musk move the radical Left finds “problematic” is his support of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Musk recently hosted America’s Governor for a public conversation on the Twitter Spaces platform in which DeSantis declared his intention to run for President of the United States. 

And, predictably, woke left-wing radicals instantly lost their minds. 

But it was one of the top actors in Hollywood who, perhaps, had the biggest meltdown. 

Actor John Cusack posted an almost incomprehensible twitter tirade attacking Musk and, by extension, Governor DeSantis. 

You have to read the entire rant for yourself to truly understand the magnitude of the Con Air star’s digital temper tantrum. 

“So a nazi collecting Texan freak billionaire who has a garden of evil statues to scare his grandkids – has bought himself a  Supreme Court judge,” Cusack tweeted. “And that feisty, white supremisct (SIC) , ever competitive , not to be out Douche-bagged  Egor Mush decides – I must buy myself a president (DeSantis)! And so a whisky balled  toad of a man A fascist trump mini me  has literally the worst presidential  announcement since mid 80s Lyndon larouche (SIC) on a social media platform mush is obliterating in real time -turning  into a Nazi website  where children look up pet snuff films -cats in blenders – and he’s so vain and so dumb and so incompetent  that he can’t handle the bandwidth for a glorified conference call – and everything I just said is just reportage- Oh – and he ‘s supposed to be a genius …” 

Cusack turns himself into the butt of the joke

Perhaps Cusack was having a flashback to his time portraying a drunken Edgar Allen Poe in the 2012 film The Raven?

Once navigating their way through the lack of punctuation, Twitter users had a field day replying to Cusack’s stream of conscientious tweets.  

One user questioned the language Cusack was typing. 

“Can you repeat this please, but this time in English,” the Twitter user requested. “Jesus, the gibberish.”

Another clever account evoked Cusack’s actress sister in his insult. 

“What are you babbling about Joan,” the user mockingly asked. 

Many others speculated on Cusack’s mental state at the time of the posting, suggesting the Say Anything star must have been drunk, stoned, or  heavily medicatated. 

This is not Cusack’s first ad hominem attack on the world’s richest man.

Cusack routinely tweets – on the platform Musk owns – that Musk is a “sugar daddy” who purchases politicians, and is a “fascist.”

Now John, ask yourself, would a fascist let you say that about him on his own platform?

Who do you respect more?