Elon Musk voting for a Republican sent this left-wing Congressman into a fit of rage

The radical Left have always hated the rich – unless they write big checks to Democrats, of course.

But their insistence on pushing an extremist agenda has caused many of their most famous wealthy supporters to jump ship for the Republican Party.

And Elon Musk voting for a Republican sent this left-wing Congressman into a fit of rage.

Musk’s political evolution since immigrating to America

It’ll never be mentioned by the radical Left and their corporate-controlled media allies, but Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is an African-American.

Musk, who was born in apartied-era South Africa before eventually making his way to the U.S. for university, only became a U.S. citizen in 2002, but in less than 20 years, was able to achieve the American dream and become the richest individual in the world with a net worth north of $200 billion.

Musk’s story, and his efforts to revolutionize the automobile industry – doing more to advance electric vehicles than the left-wing agenda could ever do – made him a model Democrat in the eyes of many on the Left.

But as Elon Musk became the Elon Musk we all know today, the radical Left was also becoming the radical Left we know today.

And their insistence on pushing anti-freedom of speech policies, embrace of censorship, efforts to control the free flow of information, and the Left’s “word police,” has undoubtedly turned Musk towards the Right.

Which has all culminated in Musk’s outright, public embrace of conservative ideology and candidates, and rejection of the Left, in the 2022 Midterms.

One Tweet from Elon Musk was all it took

Musk’s efforts to buy and privatize Twitter haven’t been finalized yet – mainly because Twitter’s business model is as close to a Theranos scam as we’ve seen since WeWork – but the world’s richest individual is still making plenty of waves on the platform.

Much like former President Donald Trump – before he was targeted by leftists at Twitter and permanently banned from the platform on rather shaky ethical grounds, of course – Musk is a master at making international headlines and driving the radical Left insane in less than 240 characters.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s latest Tweet may have just been his most explosive, though.

Early Wednesday morning, after conservative Mayra Flores was declared the winner of Texas’s 34th Congressional District special election, Musk responded to a Tweet from The Texan announcing the results by making it known he voted for Flores, his first Republican vote ever.

But that Tweet didn’t sit well with the radical Left – at all.

In fact, an actual Member of Congress, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), claimed that Musk’s vote for a Latino woman amounted to supporting “white supremacy and authoritarianism.”

“Elon Musk is not a leader,” Congressman Bowman fumed on Twitter. “He’s just another Republican billionaire who supports white supremacy and authoritarianism because he doesn’t want his workers to unionize or to pay his fair share in taxes. The GOP just tried to end democracy and now he’s supporting them.”

There’s plenty of issues with Bowman’s fanatical rantings, of course.

Namely the fact that it’s insane for the Congressman to honestly believe that an African-American immigrant voting for a Mexican-American woman is “white supremacy.”

But additionally, it’s just as insane for Rep. Bowman to suggest Musk isn’t “paying his fair share” when he just paid more in federal taxes in a single year than any American in history, forking over $11 billion to the federal government.

Quite frankly, BlazeTV’s Dave Rubin may have said it best when he said this all just proves “leftism is a mental disorder.”

There’s simply no other way to explain how a Member of the United States Congress has a brain that is this broken.

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