Elon Musk unleashed a vicious tirade against Apple’s latest woke partnership. But some are saying he just looks like a jealous ex-girlfriend

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It’s nothing new for Elon Musk to let his feelings be known on any topic that is important to him particularly when it applies to his business empire.

As such Elon Musk recently unleashed a vicious tirade against Apple’s latest woke partnership.

But some are saying he just looks like a jealous ex-girlfriend.

Musk threatens to “ban” iPhones

During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company launched itself into the AI space with the announcement of “Apple Intelligence.”

The new partnership with OpenAI’s ChatGPT generative AI chatbot promises iPhone users a new way to access and create content on their devices, and a much-needed upgrade to Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri. 

Some iPhone users around the world are hotly anticipating the official release, while others are incredibly skeptical of Apple’s decision to force an incredibly woke company, like OpenAI, onto its users, while also giving said company total access to its millions of users’ data.

And among those weary of the decision is Elon Musk, who helped co-found OpenAI as a non-profit that would open source all of its technology for the betterment of all mankind, but has since become its biggest critic since the company’s CEO Sam Altman chose to trash the original non-profit vision once the ruling class elites’ checks started rolling in.

And the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot on the Apple operating system has Musk threatening to ban the phone from his company buildings.

The billionaire tech mogul said he is skeptical about whether Apple has done the due diligence to ensure users are protected, especially considering the fact that it is the largest company in the world by market capitalization and has thus far failed to create any meaningful AI of its own.

One user on X seems to think he has an explanation for Musk’s response.

Musk has put a lot of time and resources into xAI

Christopher David, a random, unknown X user who uses the platform constantly despite claiming it’s a “pornbot infested hellhole,” followed up Musk’s rant against Apple and OpenAI’s collusion by penning a now-viral post in which he claimed to know the real reason Musk is so impassioned over the move.

“Elon Musk is super duper angry at @Apple right now. Why?” he asked at the outset of the post.

“Apple and OpenAI agreed yesterday to use/integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT product into their iOS ecosystem,” he explained. 

Forbes reports that Musk’s xAI, which he just founded in March of last year, “announced this weekend that its Series B funding round entailed nearly $6 billion dollars in investment.”

Additionally, Musk recently sent thousands of Nvidia H100 GPUs from Tesla to both xAI and X in an effort to boost both companies’ AI efforts.

According to David, Musk took a lot of “heat” for that decision from Tesla investors because it somehow “violated his fiduciary responsibilities.”

Of course, Musk has previously pointed out that the decision to send the GPUs to both X and xAI was made because Tesla was currently unable to use them, which would have meant the valuable hardware “would have just sat in a warehouse.”

David says Musk’s xAI has been left “out in the cold”

Regardless, David went on to claim that Musk is falling behind the competition. 

And the one major differentiator in the generative AI bot space is having an operating system to deploy it on – Google has Android, Microsoft has Windows, and now ChatGPT has Apple iOS.

David said that this has left xAI “out in the cold,” while “all the major platforms have an AI product to give their customers.”

“The only place Elon can deploy their product is here, [X],” David claimed. “And maybe a few other miscellaneous places, but not on a top tier platform.”

Of course, David’s assessment is based solely on the generative AI chatbot segment of the larger artificial intelligence revolution currently taking place, which in a matter of years will likely be either a mere afterthought in the AI space, or replaced by new technology altogether.

Musk only founded xAI in March of last year, and while it’s undoubtedly playing catchup with ChatGPT and others, Tesla is inarguably leading the tech arms race for real-world AI through its development of the beta version of its Full-Self Driving capabilities, and the Optimus robot.

Furthermore, he’s founded xAI as a non-woke alternative to ChatGPT and the other generative AI chatbots currently dominating the market, so it’s likely neither Apple nor any other Big Tech company would have ever partnered with it anyway.

Nevertheless, Musk has yet to respond to any of his critics on the matter, including David.

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