Elon Musk silenced one woke “mainstream” media reporter with these three words

Photo by Steve Jurvetson, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

The radical Left has used and abused social media to spread lies and distortions since the platforms first emerged.

Fortunately platforms like Twitter are working to create an even playing field so that one political side is not favored over another. 

And Elon Musk silenced this woke mainstream media reporter with these three words. 

The radical Left loathes the very concepts of free speech and a free press

When it comes to Democrats, they only support the concepts of free speech and a free press when it protects their anti-American and anti-Christian vitriol. 

Anything that stands in the way of their perverted worldview is instantly labeled “racist” and “hate speech,” even if it is nothing of the sort. 

For years, this is how Twitter operated, often censoring anyone who attacked President Joe Biden or other prominent Democrats. 

Now that Elon Musk is calling the shots at Twitter, the playing field is much more level, which infuriates Democrats and the so-called “mainstream” media.

Last Tuesday, the BBC sent one of their self-proclaimed “journalists,” James Clayton, to interview Musk, but things got rather heated very quickly. 

Clayton began his interview by asking Musk if he is worried about Twitter’s lack of staff dedicated to monitoring so-called “hate speech” after he cut a number of employees due to the company’s previous leadership’s strategy of over-hiring

“What hate speech are you talking about?” Musk responded. “I mean, you use Twitter. Do you see a rise in hate speech? Just a personal anecdote? I don’t.”

Clayton was visibly rattled by Musk’s slight pushback as he stammered and stuttered while trying to come up with an answer, but all he could get out was repeat his claim of a supposed uptick in “hate speech,” even though he was unable to actually name even a single example.

“I’m asking for one example and you can’t give a single one,” Musk shot back. “Then I say, sir, that you don’t know what you are talking about. You cannot give me a single example of hateful content, not even one tweet. And yet you claimed that hateful content was high.”

Musk then told Clayton, “you just lied,” which undoubtedly sent shivers down his spine.

The two fired blows back and forth for a brief period, before the interview wrapped up fairly quickly. 

James Clayton learned a valuable lesson that day – if you plan to attack a man’s character, especially as a self-proclaimed “journalist,” be prepared to back it up. 

“Journalists” like James Clayton represent everything wrong with today’s “mainstream” media

Supposed “journalists” are a dime a dozen these days, and their lies and distortions have brainwashed billions of people around the world. 

Twitter is one of the first large social media platforms to take a fair approach to so-called fact-checking, and things of the sort. 

Just this week, NPR quit Twitter after the company gave the taxpayer-funded outlet a “Government funded media” designation, similar to one given to the BBC, which sent NPR into a fit of rage. 

Under Musk’s watch, no media outlet or self-proclaimed “journalist” is being given preferential treatment over average users, which is how every aspect of life should be.

Elon Musk is setting the example for Big Tech companies, and Democrats are predictably outraged.

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