Elon Musk shut down CNN with one simple move

The Fake News Media is going to war with Elon Musk.

But Musk is fighting back.

And Elon Musk shut down CNN with one simple move.

Elon Musk purchased Twitter to protect free speech.

But where Musk drew the line was “doxxing” – the practice of posting someone’s personal information online.

Musk suspended a Twitter account that tracked his private jet flights and posted in real time where he was going to land.

Twitter’s terms of service does not allow for real time location posting after a crazed activist dressed in Antifa-style gear showed up at the Los Angeles airport and terrorized a car carrying Musk’s son.

Musk explained that the man in the video showed up at the airport thinking it was him landing there based on information posted to the account tracking his jet.

Twitter enforced its terms of service and suspended the account of CNN left-wing activist Donnie O’Sullivan and other propagandists from the Washington Post, New York Times, and the Huffington Post for doxxing him by posting a link to the account tracking his jet.

Sullivan and the other media leftists whined that they were special and more important than regular citizens and thus deserved special dispensation to break Twitter rules as they saw fit.

“Yeah,” O’Sullivan said on CNN following his suspension. “So, what’s basically happened is that just really over the past hour or so, as the number of journalists at national news outlets, including the New York TimesWashington Post, and here at CNN, have been permanently banned it seems, suspended from Twitter. Now, all those journalists, including myself, happen to be people who cover Elon Musk. This is Elon Musk, of course, the free speech activist.”

“Just like when Trump got kicked off, we can post elsewhere,” O’Sullivan added. “I do think this is very important about the potential chilling impact this can have for freelance journalists and independent journalists around the world, particularly journalists who cover Elon Musk’s other companies like Tesla and SpaceX. I think this can have a real chilling factor.”

Musk responded to the fake news bellyaching by posting that Twitter’s rules applied to everyone equally.

Musk added that doxxing him was an open invitation for assassins to attempt to kill him or his family and that Twitter would enforce its rules no matter who broke them.

“They posted my exact real-time location, basically assassination coordinates, in (obvious) direct violation of Twitter’s terms of service,” Musk added.

Conservatives ridiculed the Fake News Media’s temper tantrum about the Twitter suspensions by noting that these same so-called “journalists” cheered Twitter suspending conservatives for real and imagined violations of rules and thus deserve no sympathy.

Do you support Elon Musk enforcing rules against doxxing?