Elon Musk just threatened to release documents that are a doomsday scenario for Democrats

Democrats were right to freak out over Elon Musk purchasing Twitter.

Musk intends to expose the Democrats’ darkest secrets.

And Elon Musk just threatened to release documents that are a doomsday scenario for Democrats.

Big Tech brought this on themselves

Elon Musk bought Twitter because the self-described free speech absolutist was offended by the level of censorship on the platform.

Twitter suspended the satirical website Babylon Bee after it awarded transgender Biden administration official Rachel Levine – a biological male named Richard – with its man of the year award.

Musk then purchased Twitter for $44 billion and set about trying to restore trust in the platform by protecting free speech.

Musk restored Donald Trump’s account and announced an amnesty for thousands of suspended users provided they did not engage in any activity on the platform that would violate the law.

Musk exposed Twitter’s dirty little secrets

But Musk’s most controversial decision revolved around an announcement to publish internal Twitter communications about how employees conspired to censor conservatives.

Musk acknowledged that the site’s censorship protocols disadvantaged Republican candidates and helped Democrats.

There was no bigger example of Twitter pressing its thumb on the scale than when the site blocked users from tweeting out a link to truthful and accurate reporting from the New York Post about emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The emails revealed an alleged influence peddling scheme that potentially involved Joe Biden, as the family sought to cash in on deals in Communist China and other foreign countries.

But that is just the election meddling Americans know about.

The true extent to which Twitter tried to rig elections up and down the ballot by suppressing conservative speech and boosting accounts tied to Democrats is currently unknown.

Elon Musk is promising to share that information with the world.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

Americans will now be able to see the true extent to which the partisan activists inside Twitter imposed ideologically motivated censorship of their political opponents.

One of the great ironies of the Trump era is that the Democrat Party – which long fashioned itself as the champion of the common man – now casts its lot with massive technology corporations and their billionaire CEOs.

That’s because Democrats now see the political benefit of being the Party of major tech corporations.

There is massive money in play – In 2021, 99 percent of donations from Twitter employees went to Democrats – and tech companies are more powerful than governments because of their ability to control what Americans are allowed to say and what news they are allowed to see.

Democrats know that if they can manage the flow of news to the public, then they can manage the outcome of elections.

Elon Musk is promising to upend this arrangement.

And Musk airing all the Left’s dirty laundry surrounding online censorship is driving the freakout over him owning Twitter.

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