Elon Musk just made a groundbreaking announcement that could alter the course of mankind

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The rise of Artificial Intelligence has some people feeling very nervous about the future of mankind.

Skeptics worry that proper controls aren’t being put in place to ensure AI doesn’t turn on humans and that the bias of those building the tech will lead to the end of objective truth.

And now Elon Musk just made a groundbreaking announcement that could alter the course of mankind.

Musk has been warning about Artificial Intelligence “for years”

If Elon Musk isn’t the single greatest innovator in all of human history, he’s pretty darn close.

He revolutionized the financial services industry with the creation of PayPal, built the only American auto manufacturer not named Ford to not go bankrupt or be bailed out by government – while coming closer than anyone to actually making EVs a legitimate option for the masses – essentially created the commercial space industry, developed and perfected the world’s first reusable rockets, is building a decentralized satellite internet provider, is completely remaking social media, and is even developing an underground Hyperloop system that could eventually eliminate traffic jams altogether.

Despite clearly not having much free time, the tech mogul is also on the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence revolution, helping found OpenAI, which was intended to be an open source non-profit organization that helped ensure moral accountability in the AI industry.

But he was ultimately forced out in favor of a Microsoft takeover of OpenAI that has led to the organization to abandon their original mission in favor of developing AI language models, like the now-infamous ChatGPT, for profit without any regard for the consequences it could have on humans.

The model is now in its fourth iteration with GPT-4, and can perform a variety of complex language tasks, like translation, research, and even writing.

When the platform went public earlier this year, many users expressed concerns about the AI leaning to the Left politically.

Musk has been warning of the potential dangers of AI for years, long before GPT-1.

The world’s richest man sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for an interview in which they discussed his founding of OpenAI, and the potential perils of AI.

Carlson is concerned AI will “control our understanding of reality”

In the interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the two discussed the purpose of Musk’s involvement at OpenAI, which he described as essentially his attempt at trying to control the AI situation before it reaches a point of advancement in which humans no longer have any control.

This was one of many efforts he made to get ahead of the AI revolution.

Carlson shared Musk’s concerns, expressing his fear that as people turn to AI as a tool to solve their problems, it will ultimately “become autonomous.”

He fears that the result won’t necessarily be that it will “turn us all into slaves,” but rather, that it will learn to “control our understanding of reality in a really dishonest way.”

Musk described AI as “more dangerous than, say, mismanaged aircraft design or production maintenance, or bad car production in the sense that it has the potential of civilizational destruction.”

That is why the billionaire has been so devoted to trying to sound the alarm, and help find a solution before things get out of hand.

Over the weekend, Musk tweeted that he had once tried to petition former President Barack Obama – who was at one point a Musk fan boy until Democrats realized he couldn’t be controlled and believes in freedom – to try to propose legislation to address issues with AI.

“The only meeting I ever had with Obama as President I used not to promote Tesla, or SpaceX, but to encourage AI regulation,” Musk revealed.

Now, Musk is coming up with another solution to future problems with the technology.

Musk announces a “maximum truth-seeking AI” to save humanity

Carlson said something in the interview that was particularly concerning — an AI “could be programmed to lie to us for political effect.”

This is a common idea, and one of the biggest criticisms of programs like ChatGPT.

During the interview Musk announced his plan to tackle that problem.

“I’m going to start something which I call TruthGPT, or a maximum truth-seeking AI, that tries to understand the nature of the universe,” Musk said, adding that he believes it is “the best path toward safety.”

He said that not only would this correct the problem with a dishonest AI system, but it would also preserve human life.

As he explained, AI “that cares about understanding the universe is unlikely to annihilate humans because we are an interesting part of the universe.”

The world is rapidly changing, and the question is whether liberty-minded innovators, like Elon Musk, can turn the tide back in humans’ favor.

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