Drew Carey has The Price is Right fans hysterical over the behind the scenes secrets he just revealed

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We are witnessing a changing of the guard in the game show world as legendary hosts move on. 

But even with all the changes, The Price is Right may have the biggest one yet. 

And now Drew Carey has The Price is Right fans hysterical over the behind the scenes secrets he just revealed.

A game show is nothing without a good host

One of America’s favorite pastimes is watching game shows. 

Most of us have fond memories of gathering around the television screen after dinner and watching some classic game shows with the family. 

Families would gather around and challenge each other on the questions and games played by the shows. 

Oftentimes, we were wrong, but it was the bond of watching the show together every night which is something that made memories that are priceless. 

And there certainly isn’t anything these days which unites families together to focus on a single thing.

But the one main factor that made those game shows worth watching wasn’t the questions or the games themselves – it was the hosts. 

Legendary game shows, like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, were successful thanks in large part to the steadfast and charming hosts they had for decades. 

Who can forget the late Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, and his witty interactions with contestants for over 34 years?

And Wheel of Fortune would not have been the success it became if it wasn’t for Pat Sajak. 

But with Trebek’s passing and Sajak’s retirement, a changing of the guard is underway with new faces coming in to carry on the shows’ legacies.

Only time will tell if their new hosts are able to fill the shoes of Trebek and Sajak. 

But thankfully for The Price is Right, the biggest game show and mid-day program in American history is still a massive success even without its founding host.

Bob Barker was the quintessential game show host, spending 35 years entertaining the show’s fans.

Drew Carey staying at The Price is Right?

But Barker retired from The Price is Right in 2007, and ultimately passed the torch to actor and comedian Drew Carey.

And even though Carey isn’t Barker, he has been able to carry on the success of The Price is Right.

But now fans are worried about Carey’s future on The Price is Right after he made some strange comments during a recent tell all interview. 

In an interview with TV Insider, Carey opened up about his uncertain future on the game show. 

He stated, “I just show up and punch the clock and hope I have a job every day.”

But Carey hopes to hold a The Price is Right job a lot longer than anyone ever imagined. 

The host of the classic game show claimed, “I do have a goal: I want to keep going until I die. This is my 18th season. I’ve got to get the 35 and 41 so I can catch Bob Barker and Pat Sajak.”

Only time will tell if Cary stays long enough to rival Barker’s reign as host, but he also made it clear he can just quit whenever he wants, he stated in the interview.

“I don’t like CBS to know that, but it’s going to be a few years ’til my next contract negotiation,” Carey said. “So maybe forget I said this. I can quit anytime I want!”

Hopefully for The Price is Right fans, Drew Carey can continue being an A+ host. 

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