Dr. Fauci is all smiles as Democrats are bringing back these tyrannical policies

The radical Left and one-world advocates exploited the COVID pandemic to usher in some of  the worst assaults on individual freedom in recent memory. 

Businesses and schools were shut down, people were forced to wear masks and coerced into taking experimental vaccines. 

And now, Dr. Fauci is all smiles as Democrats are bringing back these tyrannical policies.

Biden said it was over

Just weeks before the 2022 Midterm elections, Joe Biden declared that the COVID pandemic was over. 

And leading up to the election, Democrats acted as though they were finally going to start easing off draconian pandemic policies that had become politically unpopular.

Americans were celebrating both that information and the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci was going to retire at the end of 2022. 

But with the election behind them, and Dr. Fauci counting his millions in retirement, Americans are being told we need to accept renewed COVID mandates. 

For example, schools in the Democrat-run city of Philadelphia are kicking off the 2023 school year by bringing back mask mandates. 

School Superintendent Tony Watlington Sr. claimed  the mandate won’t have a negative impact on learning, saying they had the mandate before. 

Of course, he is ignoring the clear science and data showing there are several negative physical and psychological effects that result from being forced to wear a mask all day. 

Even during the height of the pandemic, school mask mandates were nonsensical

First off, cloth masks even when worn properly do little to contain the spread of the virus, and younger kids certainly aren’t likely to wear them properly. 

And, of course, school-aged children were at the lowest risk of severe COVID than any other section of the population. 

Particularly for younger kids, learning to read facial expressions is an important part of social and emotional development.  

But the mask mandates were never about preventing COVID – instead they were all about control. 

Mask mandates in schools are just another tool the radical Left uses to indoctrinate kids. 

The mandate is all about teaching the next generation to unquestionably follow government rules, especially those that make no sense. 

The fact is, the radical Left has spent decades looking for any excuse to take complete control over people’s lives. 

They have been trying to do this for years with climate change alarmism. 

So when COVID first hit, they jumped at the opportunity to exploit people’s fear of a virus and seize more control, and at least initially, it worked. 

Most people complied with all the lockdowns and restrictions. 

So the radical Left and socialist activists will continue to draw this out as long as the American people let them. 

They are already reimposing mask mandates, and if they get away with it, we could be back to lockdowns. 

While people have certainly grown frustrated with these authoritarian measures, they didn’t bring that frustration to the ballot box this year. 

The amount of freedom Democrats deprived Americans of during the pandemic was unprecedented.

That alone, should have led to a major shellacking at the polls for the Democrats. 

But with Democrats outperforming expectations in last year’s midterm elections, they are only more emboldened to continue to enact their freedom crushing policies. 

The fact is, until there are severe electoral consequences to pushing these mandates, they are never going to go away. 

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