Dr. Fauci believes a dose of NyQuil could have flipped the 2024 election on its head

Photo by Trump White House Archived, Public Domain via Flickr

Dr. Anthony Fauci was arguably the most powerful man in the world between 2020 and 2021.

His reign of terror stretched across both the Trump and Biden Presidencies.

And now Dr. Fauci believes a dose of NyQuil could have flipped the 2024 election on its head.

Dr. Fauci gets it wrong again 

The man Democrats and their media allies deemed the sole arbiter of “The Science” during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci has made a career out of being completely wrong in his supposed “expertise.” 

Going all the way back to the 1980s, Fauci was consistently wrong about AIDS, making audaciously false claims, such as suggesting that “science” dictated that children could contact the sexually transmitted disease via routine household contact, in order to stoke fear and line his pockets with increased taxpayer and charitable funding for AIDS research.

And Fauci didn’t get any better with experience, as his handling of COVID was even worse. 

Fauci flip-flopped more than John Kerry or Mitt Romney in an election year. 

He was against masks before he was for them, then he wanted to mandate them, then he advised double or even triple masking. 

Dr. Fauci claimed that the COVID vaccine would prevent people from catching or transmitting the virus, advocated for mandates, and even suggested penalties for people who didn’t want to inject a vaccine into their bodies that was rushed, ineffective, and forced onto them.

Fauci was wrong about natural immunity, wrong about closing businesses and schools, wrong about the origin of the virus, and as Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) pointed out on multiple occasions, he was also wrong about gain of function. 

And with such a sterling record, Democrats’ media allies are obviously turning to Fauci for his “expert medical opinion” on President Joe Biden’s recent trainwreck of a debate performance.  

Calls for Biden to step aside grow louder 

President Biden’s most important task during his late June debate against former President Donald Trump was to show Americans he’s fit for office, as he and his regime claim.

It has been universally acknowledged that he failed to live up to that task. 

And his ABC News interviews with friendly interviewer George Stephanopoulos did nothing to reassure voters of his physical or cognitive capacity – particularly when he said he “didn’t think” he had rewatched his debate performance.

Many Democrats want to beat Trump so badly they’re willing to throw the incumbent President under the bus and are calling for Biden to be replaced. 

But there still are some holdouts propping up and making excuses for the Democrat President, including his partner in COVID crime, Dr. Fauci. 

Fauci blames Benadryl for Biden’s debate trainwreck 

In an interview with CBS News’ Major Garrett, Fauci not only bought into the Biden campaign’s claim that Biden suffered from a “cold” on debate night, but his old friend did one better. 

He believes cold medicine was responsible for Biden’s poor performance, slurred speech, stammering, freezes, and failure to string coherent sentences together.

“When you’re just looking at someone on a one-shot basis, you just don’t know what could happen,” Fauci began. “Did he have a bad cold? Did he take an antihistamine to make him groggy or what have you?  We don’t know what went on. And I think it would be unfair and inappropriate to try and diagnose something from just a 90-minute clip.” 

Quick question: the last time you weren’t feeling well and went to see your family practitioner, did he spend more than an hour-and-a-half with you before making his diagnosis? 

Follow up question for Dr. Fauci: is the doctor aware that it’s 2024 and telemedicine now allows physicians to prescribe medication based on video conversations that don’t run anywhere near 90 minutes?

But don’t believe your lying eyes about President Biden’s current abilities – take Fauci’s word for it instead. 

“It just looked like a bad night,” Fauci said. “Because my interaction with him . . . he’s very probing in his questions, very analytical, very calm about things. When you go in to brief him, Major, you better really know your topic, because he’s going to ask you very relevant questions.” 

None of what Fauci described at the debate, during the ABC interview, or in any of the so-called “cheap fake” video clips the past few years verify anything that Fauci said. 

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