Dove soap executives are panicking over this woke extremist fiasco that’s threatening to bring down the entire company

Photo by Lives Matter from Pexel

Corporate America has largely sold out to appease the woke left-wing outrage mob in recent years.

But woke marketing campaigns have largely backfired in spectacular fashion with many Americans saying enough is enough as of late.

And Dove soap executives are panicking over this woke extremist fiasco that’s threatening to bring down the entire company.

Dove soap could easily become the next Bud Light

For years now, many large companies have made the costly decision to bow down to the woke left-wing outrage mob through politicized marketing campaigns.

Disney, Target, and Bud Light are just a few formerly beloved American companies who have gone all-in on woke extremism, alienating the overwhelming majority of their consumer base. 

The results have been devastating for these companies, and many others are now nervous to dabble with wokeness. 

However, Dove soap does not seem so apprehensive, because just recently this major skin care brand announced a partnership that has working class Americans from all walks of life outraged. 

More specifically, Dove announced that they will be teaming up with Zyahna Bryant, a morbidly obese Black Lives Matter extremist who made headlines for spreading a false rumor about a University of Virginia student, causing a national uproar.

Dove’s partnership with Bryant is part of a body liberation campaign, which has many asking whether body types such as Bryant’s – i.e. morbid obesity – should be celebrated. 

Additionally, Bryant is best known for her political extremism, playing a major role in the Black Lives Matter riots that took countless lives and caused billions in damage in 2020.

During her reign of terror across the nation, Bryant gained national notoriety for starting a vicious rumor about a University of Virginia student.

Bryant went viral after saying that UVA student Morgan Bettinger claimed that Black Lives Matter protesters would make for “good speed bumps.”

However, once she was later asked to provide details about the supposed incident, she had a difficult time putting a coherent story together, and eventually dropped the allegations altogether.

However, that was too little too late, and Bettinger’s life was already made a living hell by that point.

The bottom line is that Bryant is a scandal plagued, politically radicalized individual who should not be representing a national brand, like Dove. 

Predictably, Dove has faced major backlash for this decision and many Americans are calling for boycotts, similar to the ones that have tanked Bud Light. 

Companies have still not learned the dangers of going woke

At the end of the day, most economists and business experts will agree that openly getting involved in politics is a poor business decision. 

Especially when it comes to apolitical items such as soap or light beer. 

Courting woke extremists does nothing to bolster a brand, but it does alienate the overwhelming majority of potential consumers.

It is unclear whether Dove will face backlash on the same scale as Bud Light, but it seems like many consumers are furious about this move. 

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