Donald Trump’s simple response to Fani Willis’ unhinged testimony will take your breath away

Screenshot via YouTube, 11Alive

Things could not have gone worse for Fani Willis.

The Democrat District Attorney testified in her own defense in an effort to fend off allegations that could lead to her being removed from her 2020 election witch hunt against Donald Trump.

And Donald Trump had one simple response to Fani Willis’ unhinged testimony will take your breath away.

Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis completely melted down on the witness stand after her lover, Nathan Wade, testified that he paid for luxury vacations for Willis and himself while they engaged in an affair during their time working on the Trump case.

He also attempted to cover for Willis by claiming that Willis reimbursed him for the luxury vacations he paid for with at least part of the more than $650,000 in taxpayer money she funneled to him for his “work” on the Trump case with cash – which is conveniently untraceable.

Trump co-defendant Mark Roman previously filed a motion to disqualify Willis from the case, arguing that she developed a conflict of interest as the longer the Trump case went on, the more money she could pay Wade and thus fund their lifestyles.

A snarling Wade ranted that Roman’s lawyers were somehow “enemies of democracy” for having the audacity to question her.

The Judge gave Willis multiple warnings that if she kept up her rude and disruptive behavior he would have no choice but to strike her testimony from the record.

Even Democrats could tell it was a disaster as one MSNBC legal analyst declared it “game over,” and that Judge McAfee would have no choice but to disqualify Willis.

Trump reacted to Willis’ testimony by telling Fox News that it confirmed what he knew all along – this case was a sham brought by corrupt partisans out to influence the 2024 election.

“There is no case here,” Trump declared. “It is so badly tainted. There is no case here. There was a perfect phone call. It was perfect. But by going after Trump, she’s able to get her boyfriend more money than they ever dreamed possible.”

“The case will have to be dropped,” he concluded. “There’s no way they can have a case. The whole thing was a scam to get money for the boyfriend.”

If Judge McAfee does disqualify Willis, it will likely signal the end of the case as Georgia would have to find a new prosecutor.

That will take months, and this case is now so tainted that it’s difficult to imagine anyone else – even a devout woke extremist – agreeing to proceed to trial.

Should the state of Georgia drop this case?