Donald Trump’s response to one question about his evangelical support had Joe Scarborough going berserk

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The Democrat Party and their sycophants in the media can’t help but hate Donald Trump.

They fully believe the Republican frontrunner is the enemy of humanity and must be shut down.

And now Donald Trump’s response to one question about his evangelical support had Joe Scarborough going berserk.

Trump says that he has a “good” relationship with God

Former President Donald Trump was found guilty in an unprecedented trial late last month, and Democrats are celebrating en masse. 

But the Republican frontrunner has shown that they won’t slow him down no matter what is thrown at him.  

Within days of the verdict, Trump was back on the campaign trail vowing to let Americans decide his fate at the ballot box in November. 

On June 3, Trump sat down with the crew at Fox & Friends, to discuss the verdict, his plan for his next term, and interestingly, his relationship with God. 

Trump said that he has a “good” relationship with God, and that evangelicals are “committed” to him. 

“I do very well with evangelicals. I love the evangelicals,” he said. 

And Trump is right, he is by and far the most popular candidate for evangelicals.

Evangelicals still support Trump despite his conviction

According to a study conducted Pew Research in April, Trump has Biden beat by over 64 points when it comes to the evangelical voting bloc. 

Over 80% of evangelicals said that they support Trump, and 74% said that he was a “good” or “great” President.

In response to the verdict, many evangelical leaders have stood up in support of Trump. 

Reverend Franklin Graham released a statement saying that the verdict “raises questions about whether our legal system can be trusted.” 

Graham encouraged his followers to “pray for our nation.”


Tony Perkins, the president of Family Research Council, called it a “sad day for America.”

Former spiritual advisor to the Trump White House, Paula White-Cain shared a picture of her and other Christian leaders praying over Trump. 

White said, “May God bless you, my long time friend, President Trump, and may God bless all of us who stand for righteousness!”

Scarborough tells Trump to “go to church” 

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough responded to the Fox & Friends interview in a completely unhinged rant in which he attacked Trump and his faith. 

The Morning Joe host said that Trump’s claim that evangelicals support him is “beyond parody.” 

The Morning Joe post on social media highlighted the fact that Trump said he was being “prayed for” by evangelicals. 

But in the clip shared alongside the comment, Scarborough made it seem like Trump was just happy to have their “vote.”

“When someone asks you about your relationship with God. . . don’t go, ‘Well, evangelicals vote for me,” he said while twisting Trump’s response.

Scarborough said Trump should “go to church,” and “get the crib notes” while laughing at his answer. 

Then, Scarborough brought up Trump’s response to the same question in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, claiming that the former President believes he is without fault.

However, in the interview, Trump said that he likes “to be good,” and doesn’t “like to have to ask for forgiveness.” 

“I try and do nothing that’s bad. I live a very different life than probably a lot of people would think” Trump said to Tapper.

Scarborough can’t stand the evangelical support for Trump.

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