Donald Trump’s latest legal move is shocking the media world and leaving one news network fuming

It’s clear that Donald Trump has long been a target of the corporate-controlled press and he’s been fighting back all along the way.

He has come up with clever ways to deal with reporters in the past and branded his biggest enemies “fake news.”

But Donald Trump’s latest legal move is shocking the media world and leaving one news network fuming.

Trump sues CNN for defamation and pushing “smear campaign” against him

Donald Trump is reportedly suing Cable News Network (CNN) in a Florida federal court for a whopping $475 million dollars.

In the court filing, his attorneys claim damages because CNN was orchestrating a “smear campaign to malign the Plaintiff [Trump] with a barrage of negative associations and innuendos.”

CNN without a doubt was aiming to smear the credibility of Trump, “broadcasting commentary that he is like a cult leader, a Russian lackey, a dog whistler to white supremacists, and a racist.”

The key to his success in the lawsuit will be to prove reckless disregard for truth or actual malice. 

This is only because Trump is a public official and due to his status in the public eye. 

Trump releases statement about lawsuit focusing egregious actions of CNN and others

Trump announced the action in a statement shortly after it was filed in court. It informed Americans, “a lawsuit was filed today against CNN, the once prestigious news channel that has now devolved into a purveyor of disinformation, defamation, and Fake News . . .”

Trump said he was left “often in disbelief” by what CNN was reporting these days and “the time has finally come to hold CNN responsible and legally accountable for their willful deception and defamatory statements” made about him or his supporters.

He further stated that his supporters “have been treated very unfairly, at so many levels” and that the so-called “Big Lie” would be proven in court to be “in reverse.”

Trump said the “Big Lie” had largely been spurred by American media companies and that it was a “disinformation attack” on the Presidential Election of 2020. 

He then fired a warning shot at the entire corporate-controlled press as well as members of Congress.

Trump warns others that if they are participating in the real “Big Lie” then they will be next

“In the coming weeks and months, we will also be filing lawsuits against a large number of Fake News Media Companies for their lies, defamation, and wrongdoing . . .” putting many others on notice for their possible involvement. 

He then warned members of the January 6 committee that he “may bring appropriate action against [them] because, notwithstanding overwhelming evidence, they REFUSED to investigate the massive Presidential Election Fraud which took place, but only investigate and harass the people and Patriots who complained about it.”

He further reminded Americans no one would acknowledge that he “recommended and authorized thousands of troops to be deployed” ahead of January 6.

And he ended his statement letting everyone know he is “proud to file” this lawsuit and that it would “begin the process of standing up to the Fake News and the Mainstream Media.”

This court case is surely one to follow as it could have widespread impacts.

If nothing else, discovery is sure to be interesting.

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