Donald Trump’s latest campaign ad is sure to stun the Globalist Elites who gathered at Davos

This month the world’s most powerful business leaders and politicians met at Davos to discuss global development and how they can better control the world.

These select few globalists believe that they are the ones that should chart the path of every country on the planet, and every individual as well.

But Donald Trump’s latest campaign ad is sure to stun the Globalist Elites who gathered at Davos.

Al Gore says “self-governance” will be a thing of the past

The annual meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF) members at Davos, Switzerland has finally come to an end.

The week provided liberty-minded individuals and those who believe in freedom and national sovereignty another highlights reel of the very people trying to destroy them.

The meeting saw Socialist and globalist politicians and elitist billionaire business leaders discuss what they believe are the greatest threats to society and what they plan to do to avert certain Armageddon.

At one point, Al Gore even warned about crazed climate change theories like oceans “boiling” and “rain bombs.” He says that the human race is essentially releasing “600,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs” daily and soon the idea of “self-governance” will be impossible.

All this doomsday-talk and climate alarmism has one goal in mind.

Moving towards global governance in place of “self-governance.”

Trump reminds the world what he thinks of the Davos group

In total rebuke of the WEF’s messaging and goals. Donald Trump just released a campaign video that will send shivers down the spine.

The video is a series of clips from Trump’s visit to Davos in 2020. It was his first and last appearance to the meeting with the WEF. He used the time on stage to reject everything the radical elites work toward.

The group wants to see a world of global governance and has championed things like the Paris Climate Accords and the Build Back Better agenda. They want to put an end to the sovereignty of nations and to force change through strong bonds between corporations and global government.

Trump took the mic at the WEF in 2020 to tell these people that “a nation’s highest duty is to its own citizens.” He told them that he was building on “a pro-worker, pro-family agenda” and that it was demonstrating “how a nation can thrive.”

The world must “feel fear” to be “fundamentally transformed”

The video reminds everyone that climate activists like Greta Thunberg were thriving on fear and alarmism. It shows Thunberg herself stating, “I want you to panic. I want you to feel fear.”

It also highlighted a highly-controversial statement made by the WEF founder, Klaus Schwab. In 2017 at a speaking event, Schwab openly bragged, “what we are very proud of now is how we penetrate the cabinets around the world.”

They liberal elites at Davos are capturing governments around the world and that includes the United States of America. Joe Biden joined the Build Back Better agenda, in hopes that he could “fundamentally transform the country.”

Klaus Schwab says the elites that meet at Davos must “define how the world should look like which we want to come out of this transformation.”

In his campaign ad, Trump encourages everyone to “reject the perennial prophets of doom” in order to “embrace the possibilities of tomorrow.”

He says that “America will always be the proud strong bastion of freedom,” adding that we must “make greatness our common mission for the future.”

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