Donald Trump was all smiles when this RINO Governor said he’s considering a Presidential run

As soon as Donald Trump announced his 2024 Presidential candidacy the RINOs started coming out of the woodwork.

And the way it looks it will once again be Trump vs. all the rest.

That’s why Donald Trump was all smiles when this RINO Governor said he’s considering a 2024 Presidential run.

Former President Donald Trump’s announcement of a third run at the Presidency was met with some mixed reviews among the GOP base.

Especially among the GOP elites who like to pontificate and bloviate about why their way is the only way.

And while Trump is losing some support from his former base, the RINOs seem to be frothing at the mouth to hand Trump another nomination.

Lions and tigers and RINOs, oh my!

There have been some good solid cases made as to why Trump might want to bow out now.

First of all, he will be 80-years-old in 2024, leaving the age issue as a big one (unless Biden gets the Democrat nod).

Second, roughly 40%-45% of the American people claim they will never vote for him, no matter what.  

While this number may be high, it does pose a real challenge for the GOP should Trump get the nod.

And third, there are very capable, younger, philosophically sound America First candidates out there who seem ready to take up Trump’s cause to make America great again.

But as it stands right now, the ones making the most noise about challenging Trump are RINOs like Mike Pence, Chris Christie, Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin, and leftist former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

And of course, there is no real Republican’s choice, Liz Cheney.

Now you can add a new RINO to the list. 

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who one pundit quipped “never met spending he didn’t want to increase.”

There’s going to be a number of alternatives

The Republican Arkansas Governor said two days after Trump’s announcement he was also considering a presidential run in the 2024 election and commented on former president Donald Trump’s recent campaign announcement.

Trump formally announced his bid for President at his Florida residence, saying that “America’s comeback starts right now.”

Hutchinson, appearing on CNN, noted however that in his opinion, “There’s going to be a number of alternatives in 2024 to the former President’s announcement.”

“Are you potentially one of those alternatives?” CNN’s Kaitlin Collins asked.

“Absolutely. I’m looking at it very seriously,” Hutchinson replied, adding that he’s “probably looking at January for a decision point.”

At that point of the segment, Hutchison proved why his political knowledge is less than stellar.

“We know the chaos that comes with Trump . . .”

The RINO Governor then added he didn’t think a crowded GOP Presidential candidate field will help Trump in 2024, like it did in 2016.

“People understand who Donald Trump is today and his style and I don’t think there’s gonna be anything new in his approach.” Hutchinson said. “He’s a known quantity now, we know the chaos that comes with him and that’s really not the kind of leadership that’s good for America and really the future of our party.”

Sorry Governor, but your big spending RINO resume is not going to make America First conservatives and pro-liberty Republicans turn your way. 

And in fact, a crowded GOP primary field, filled with the likes of Hutchison, Hogan, Youngkin, and Cheney absolutely opens the door for a Trump victory.

Maybe that’s why Hutchison started to backpedal a bit realizing he would need Trump supporters to break his way in any multi-candidate nomination battle, and certainly in the general.

“We have to recognize some things Trump did absolutely as President, but this is a different day and time, we’re looking for a new leader in 2024 and for me I don’t wanna turn the party over to the past, I want it to develop the principles for the future.”

No thanks. 

We know the future you want – it’s one filled with big government and big spending RINOs like George Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. 

Maybe Trump is not the answer, but neither is Hutchison. 

And given a choice, any real conservative would cast their vote for Donald Trump over Asa Hutchinson.  

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