Donald Trump took a sledgehammer to the Swamp’s political dynasties and the establishment is furious

For decades, the all too familiar household names have dominated American politics. 

Names like Bush, Clinton, McCain, and Cheney. 

But Trump took a sledgehammer to the Swamp’s political dynasties and the establishment is furious.

The last of the big name political dynasties came to an end as incumbent Never-Trump RINO Liz Cheney failed to capture even 30% of her state’s vote.

Following Liz Cheney’s humiliating defeat in the Wyoming primary election, for the first time in decades, no Bush, Cheney, McCain, or Clinton will hold any elected office in the United States. 

This holds true even at the state level, as George P. Bush will end his term as Land Commissioner after losing a bid for Attorney General to Trump-endorsed Ken Paxton. 

George P. Bush tried hard to appeal to Trump supporters, but Trump decided to endorse his opponent, which proved to hold more weight now to Texas Republicans than the Bush name. 

Before Trump came along, a Bush in Texas and a Cheney in Wyoming were thought to be unstoppable. 

The Neocons are out

Donald Trump freed the Republican party from the grip of neoconservatives. 

Following a disastrous eight years of George W. Bush in which America found itself bogged down in two unwinnable wars and saw a massive expansion of the Deep State surveillance dragnet, the neocon GOP establishment continued to force the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney on the Republican base. 

When 2016 rolled around, many political experts were predicting the continuing of establishment dynasties to play out with a race between Jeb Bush and Hilary Clinton. 

Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench in their plan when he rose to the top of the crowded field of candidates. 

During a debate, Trump blasted the disastrous foreign policy of George W. Bush, calling him out for lying to get us into the Iraq war and for the failure of his administration to stop the 9/11 attacks.

A Republican attacking Bush this way was thought to be political suicide, but it seemed to actually help Trump. 

Following that debate, Trump dominated the South Carolina primary and Jeb Bush dropped out of the race after a weak showing. 

Meanwhile, the Democrat establishment was busy rigging their convention to ensure that the heir apparent Hilary Clinton would capture the nomination against socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Nearly every political expert had written Trump off, and the Republican establishment was readying themselves for a second Clinton administration. 

But when November came around, Trump soundly defeated Hilary Clinton, effectively putting an end to her political career and the Clinton Dynasty. 

It’s the America First party now

Trump has been instrumental in killing the establishment dynasties, both by defeating them personally and throwing his political weight behind their opponents.

The new GOP has become inhospitable to the likes of Bush and Cheney, as well as the neoconservative ideology as a whole. 

Donald Trump has many accomplishments from his short time in politics, but completely obliterating the dynasties of Bush, Clinton, and Cheney is certainly one of his greatest. 

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