Donald Trump suffered another tremendous defeat this week that may be insurmountable

2022 was looking to be a solid year for Republicans. 

But the result out of Georgia just capped off a subpar election year leaving many wondering what the future holds.

And Donald Trump suffered another tremendous defeat this week that may be insurmountable.

Political observers are now beginning to question whether Donald Trump’s brand is too damaged to mount a serious run in 2024. 

Or will he mount the political comeback of the century?

Trump-endorsed Herschel Walker loses Georgia Senate Race

Republican Herschel Walker became the last Trump-endorsed candidate to lose in the 2022 election cycle after receiving 49 percent of the vote to incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock’s 51 percent.

Polling leading up to the December 6 runoff election showed Warnock holding a lead the entire time, meaning it would have been a surprise for Walker to pull off the upset.

What is shocking, though, is that Walker was the only statewide Republican candidate in Georgia to lose.

Obviously, Warnock had the benefit of incumbency working for him, but Walker’s defeat has only added credence to the murmuring that the Trump brand is seriously damaged.

Add to that high profile Trump-endorsed candidates for U.S. Senate and Governor losing in must win swing states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, many Republicans are beginning to doubt the viability of another Trump candidacy for President come 2024.

Republican Party is a mess

Of course, it would be shortsighted Trump Derangement Syndrome to put all the blame on the 45th President.

There’s no other way to put it – the Republican Party is a dumpster fire.

Time and again, the GOP establishment has shown its willingness to abandon its base and yet still expects them to show up and vote every two years.

After the Dobbs decision overturned Roe v. Wade the Republican consultant class told its candidates to not talk abortion.

A lot of good that did them.

The GOP consultant class is filled with shysters and grifters who are overbilling candidates and causes to enrich themselves while the country burns.

They are taking the money of hard-working conservatives who are trying to save the country and using it to support liberal RINO Republicans and to pad their own bank accounts.

It is shameful.

Not to mention the GOP’s data is just abysmal.

They can crow all day long about how Democrats keep changing the rules and whine about how that is causing them to lose.

But they can’t get a handle on the fact that their own data is a mess.

Yes, the Democrats changed the rules, but that doesn’t mean Republicans should just sit there and feel bad for themselves.

Adapt or die.

But that would cause many consultants to lose their fat contracts because they don’t want to change. 

They want to just keep fleecing donors while running the same model in the process of racking up massive losses.

Time for accountability and change

It’s time for conservatives to demand accountability on the part of the Republican establishment that drove the party into the ditch this last election cycle.

Sure, there were factors outside of their control such as the leftward lurch of our nation as a whole.

But that doesn’t dismiss the poor decision making that saw Republicans just get annihilated at every level of government in key swing states across the country.

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