Donald Trump spit out his coffee after Adam Kinzinger made this laughable remark

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The first Republican Presidential debate is scheduled for Wednesday and Americans are waiting at the edge of their seats to see how things shake out. 

Although Donald Trump is likely to skip this debate, the biggest challenge for the remaining candidates is to outshine him. 

But Donald Trump spit out his coffee after Adam Kinzinger made this laughable remark. 

Wednesday’s debate will prove if anybody has what it takes to rival Donald Trump this spring

Every single Republican nomination poll released shows that former President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead above all of his challengers in the GOP.

According to RealClearPolitics, based on an average of Republican nomination polls taken from 8/10-8/20, Trump has the support of 55.9% of Republican voters.

With the first GOP debate scheduled for Wednesday, every voter is wondering if anybody will rise to the occasion to form a serious challenge against Trump. 

At this point, it does not seem likely that Trump will attend, but either way, he will be the talk of the debate. 

And according to notorious RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has what it takes to take Trump down, despite trailing in the polls. 

On last Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s The Situation Room, Rep. Kinzinger joined host Wolf Blitzer to share his bold prediction. 

Per Rep. Kinzinger, “If he was the incumbent running for reelection— you know if this was 2020, like I get that, but he lost. He lost for the Republicans, the Presidency. The Republicans have done nothing but lose since Donald Trump, and so I think if he’s going to ask for their vote he needs to come in front of them again and explain.”

He added, “I’m sure, you know, some political consultants — and they may be right from a textbook perspective — would say, you know, ‘Don’t go to the debate, there’s no benefit in it,’ but honest to goodness, Wolf, Donald Trump is a coward. He’s scared to death of Chris Christie because I think Chris Christie is going to wipe the floor with him and I think that’s what he’s afraid of.”

Chris Christie has a lot of work to do if he hopes to defeat Donald Trump

Despite the bold claims from Christie and his RINO friends, his chances of winning the Republican nomination are next to none. 

Not only would most political experts agree that he is not Presidential material, but he also does not have what it takes to win over a massive amount of Trump voters, who largely hate him. 

In recent years, Chris Christie has become a villain of sorts in the Republican party, and the more he bashes Donald Trump and his supporters, the lower his poll numbers will sink. 

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