Donald Trump left Nancy Pelosi trembling in fear after he exposed who was really behind January 6

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrats’ blame game for January 6 has gone around and around. 

They’ve pointed fingers in every direction but especially at Donald Trump. 

But now Donald Trump left Nancy Pelosi trembling in fear after he exposed who was really behind January 6.

Former President Donald Trump is back in the spotlight and did not hold back about who he believes is responsible for the chaos that ensued on January 6.

During an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press host Kristen Welker, Trump declared that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the one to blame for the events of January 6, as she was he Speaker of the House at the time and therefore responsible for Capitol security.

Trump explained that Pelosi turned down an offer to deploy 10,000 soldiers to provide security that day, and if she hadn’t, January 6 likely doesn’t get as far out of control as it did.

Trump did not address whether he personally called military or law enforcement that day, but he emphasized that Rep. Pelosi didn’t have the authority he possessed as Commander in Chief. 

He even claimed that Capitol police testified against her, and burned all the evidence related to her involvement. 

“She has authority over the Capitol,” Trump explained. “National Guard not coming? I asked her [for them] to be there three days in advance, and she turned it down.”

However, Welker challenged Trump’s narrative, noting that Pelosi stated that the request was never officially made. 

Trump responded by citing a letter from the Mayor of Washington, D.C. which confirmed Pelosi’s rejection.

“Nancy Pelosi’s responsible, and the Jan. 6 Committee refused to interview her,” Trump insisted.

Unsurprisingly, Pelosi’s camp fired back, labeling Trump’s claims as “completely made up,” and dramatically stressing that “Speaker Pelosi did not plan her own assassination.”

The decision to call National Guard troops to the Capitol is typically made by the Capitol Police Board, consisting of the House Sergeant at Arms, Senate Sergeant at Srms, and the architect of the Capitol. 

The board decided not to call the Guard prior to January 6, but did request assistance after the chaos began.

The interview also touched on other intriguing topics. 

Trump asserted that he could have pardoned himself before leaving office, but chose not to because “they want to arrest their political opponents.” 

He labeled the idea of pardoning himself as something done in “third-world countries” or “banana republics.”

Trump also disputed allegations that he grabbed a Secret Service agent by the neck, and demanded to head to the Capitol, deeming it “ridiculous.” 

He remained tight-lipped about how he watched the events of January 6th unfold, but vowed to reveal more details at a later time.

Donald Trump is back on the scene with some explosive claims, questioning the narrative that is spoon fed to the public and pointing fingers at people who think they’re invincible. 

Perhaps as the story unfolds, American citizens will get a better idea of what really happened on that infamous day.

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.