Donald Trump just made his next move in the Mar-a-Lago saga and Biden’s administration was left speechless

The Deep State has been after Donald Trump for the last seven years.

Every time, they claim the walls are closing in on him.

But no one could have guessed what Trump would do next.

Out-of-control federal agents bring safe cracker and take items beyond scope of warrant

We’ve really come to a point in this country that is unnerving.

When a former President is raided by the FBI, one can only wonder what will happen next.

But they added insult to injury during the execution of the warrant. 

Donald Trump released a statement deriding the unprofessional agents at the FBI.

“They demanded that the security cameras be turned off . . . prevented my attorneys from observing what was being taken in the raid . . . took documents covered by attorney-client and executive privilege . . . they took my passports . . . even brought a ‘safe cracker’ and successfully broke into my personal safe, which revealed . . . nothing!”

A common criminal gets more rights than Trump was afforded here.

What’s worse than all of this?

They had the audacity to go through Melania’s wardrobe!

This was clearly a move by a vindictive Justice Department with no regard to the Constitution.

And it was surely a flagrant violation of their personal privacy.

New documents reveal Biden lied and led the charge on the raid

A raid by bad actors at the FBI is sadly not surprising anymore.

We’ve known from Crossfire Hurricane and Senatorial hearings with Peter Strzok that there were clear intentions – at least from rogue actors at the FBI – to frame Trump since before his election.

What if it went beyond a few bad apples though?

Trump recently revealed on Truth Social, “The White House stated strongly that they were NOT INVOLVED… documents reveal they knew everything, in fact led the charge – a political NO, NO!”

This is getting out of control.

Trump can’t just sit back anymore.

He must fight back.

Not just for himself.

But for all Americans.

Trump returned fire at the DOJ with legal action and more

There’s only one way to stop the Deep State.

Trump has got to beat them at their own game.

In the previously mentioned statement Trump continued, “We are now demanding the Department of ‘Justice’ be instructed to immediately STOP the review of documents illegally seized from my home. ALL documents have been previously declassified.”

Trump did have the power to have declassified everything.

Near the end of his term, he made many statements about declassification of documents.

He has been cooperating with the FBI for months now.

He has even consulted with them on proper handling of these documents.

Now, he is heading straight for judicial confrontation.

“We are demanding the appointment of a SPECIAL MASTER to oversee the handling of materials taken in the raid,” Trump declared. 

And he’s making moves to use the justice system against the DOJ.

Along with many of the Constitutionally-minded judges he appointed, he could come out on top.

Of course, Donald Trump would never end it there.

Trump’s lawyers told Jay Bratt of the DOJ, “President Trump wants the Attorney General to know that he has been hearing from people all over the country about the raid,” also stating, “Whatever I can do to take down the heart, to bring the pressure down, just let us know.”

When in the heat of battle.

Kill them with kindness?

That’s Trump for you.

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