Donald Trump just made a huge election announcement that will keep Democrats up at night

Donald Trump is officially entering the fray.

This is the moment many on the Left were dreading.

And Donald Trump just made a huge election announcement that will keep Democrats up at night.

Donald Trump expanded his political operation in a major 2022 Midterm election power play.

Trump’s closest advisers announced the formation of the MAGA Inc. Super PAC, which is planning to spend millions of dollars on Senate races featuring Trump-endorsed candidates.

Currently, Trump’s Save America Super PAC owns a $100 million dollar war chest and can transfer some of those funds to MAGA Inc. to fuel a Midterm blitz.

POLITICO reports:

Donald Trump’s top lieutenants are launching a new super PAC that is expected to spend heavily to bolster his endorsed candidates in the midterm election — and, some people close to the former president say, could become a campaign apparatus if he runs in 2024.

Sanctioned by the former president, the new group, dubbed MAGA, Inc., will become the primary vehicle for Trump’s operation to engage in political activity in 2022. The outfit is designed to funnel large sums into key races and could conceivably be used to boost Trump in the event he seeks the White House again.

The organization provides the clearest indication yet of how Trump plans to engage during the final stretch of the midterm campaign and, those in the former president’s orbit say, offers a preview into what the structure of a 2024 campaign could look like. Republicans have been heavily outspent in races across the map, and party strategists have been anxious for Trump — by far the party’s biggest money magnet — to help financially.

During the Primary season, every single Senate candidate endorsed by Donald Trump won the GOP nomination.

Republicans only need to flip one seat in the Senate to take back the majority.

But Democrats are spending tens of millions of dollars on negative TV ads to destroy the candidates Trump endorsed.

Polls show close races in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Ohio where Trump-endorsed candidates are on the ballot.

If Trump’s candidates pull out victories, it will send a major signal that Trump is still the most potent political force in America.

And that’s why Trump is now planning to spend millions of dollars to help elect his candidates.

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