Donald Trump just issued a dire warning to Americans ahead of the Midterm elections

Donald Trump has always warned Americans, “they’re not after me, they’re after you.”

Ever since Joe Biden took office it has become increasingly clear to everyone that he wants to destroy the country so his radical socialist pals can rebuild on the ashes. 

And Donald Trump just issued a dire warning to Americans ahead of the Midterm elections.

Trump fires up Michigan rally in support of gubernatorial MAGA candidate Tudor Dixon

Donald Trump recently spoke to another packed event in Warren Michigan – just outside the Democrat stronghold of Detroit. 

He was there to show his strong support of Tudor Dixon – the Trump-endorsed candidate for the Michigan Governor’s race. 

He told the crowd, “Six weeks from now, the people of Michigan are going to vote to fire your radical-left Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and you’re going to send a very good person – a very, very good woman – Tudor Dixon to the Governor’s mansion.”

He was also there to issue a dire warning to Michiganders and Americans.

Democrats want to “obliterate our country” and “incinerate middle class wealth”

If America sees another two years under the Democrat leadership, then they will surely “obliterate our country,” Donald Trump warned.

He went on to say that Democrats “will abolish the filibuster, obliterate election integrity — which they’ve already done, to be totally honest with you — gut our military, bankrupt the Treasury, trashed our currency, and incinerate trillions of dollars in middle-class wealth, and it’s happening all the time.”

Trump declared Michigan voters need to know, “The choice in this election is simple: If you want the decline and fall of America, then vote for the radical-left Democrats, that’s what’s happening.”

Trump reminded the crowd that the only way to stop the “destruction of our country and save the American dream” is to vote Republican this November.

He urged the audience, “Every freedom-loving American needs to understand the time to stand up to this growing tyranny is right now,” adding “If you don’t want to live under the boot of cruel vindictive left-wing tyrants, then you need to stand with the MAGA—Make America Great Again movement.”

Trump compared the Biden administration to the failed Soviet Union for political persecution

He slammed the Department of Justice and their political persecution calling it the “criminal injustice system.”

“The Biden administration is completely corrupt, jailing political opponents just like the Soviet Union, now Russia,” further condemning them for having, “locked up dozens and dozens of political prisoners in horrific conditions – horrible, horrible conditions in Washington. So filthy, so dirty that people don’t even want to go there to look. They don’t want to look – they get sick.”

Trump went on to suggest the Biden administration might really jail him, “I think they’d like to see me in prison . . . You know why? Because they’re sick. They’re sick people.”

Then he made the crowd promise, “I am their number one target, but I am proud to be fighting for you, and I’m going to be fighting for you a long time.”

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