Donald Trump just found out the dirty trick Fox News pulled to try and stop him

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The open warfare between Fox News and Donald Trump escalated to a new level.

This conflict is at the point of no return.

And Donald Trump just found out the dirty trick Fox News pulled to try and stop him.

After a disappointing Midterm election, Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch reportedly told former President Donald Trump that he could no longer support him for President.

Shortly thereafter, Fox News effectively banned Trump from appearing on-air, as the former President did not appear on the network for months.

In that time, Fox booked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 113 times in a clear demonstration by Murdoch that Fox News was willing to support the DeSantis Presidential campaign.

That drumbeat of negative and anti-Trump coverage still continues as Trump slammed the fact the fact Fox News fills its daytime programming with Never Trump RINOs.

“RINO John Roberts of FoxNews just put failed political candidate Chris Christie, and terminated A.G., lethargic Bill Barr, on to talk about your favorite President, ME!” Trump posted on his Truth Social platform. “What does he expect from these two losers, one who I refused to give a job, the other who I fired because he was petrified of the Radical Left and what they would do to him. Anyway, my polls are even higher since the so-called Debate. Republicans should unite against the Fascist Lunatics who are destroying our Country!” 

But GOP voters rallied to Trump after Democrat prosecutors began indicting him as part of a ploy to meddle in the 2024 election.

The latest Wall Street Journal poll shows Trump leading the Republican Primary by 46 points, and now he doesn’t need Fox News as much, which was evidenced by the fact that Trump passed on attending the first GOP debate and scored many more viewers than the network by taking part in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Fox Business is televising the second GOP debate, and the network is not making any bones about the fact that it will be an anti-Trump affair.

The network named Univision’s Ilia Calderón as one of the three moderators, along with Stuart Varney and former Bush administration official Dana Perina.

Calderon was one of the many self-proclaimed “journalists” who pushed the falsehood that Trump encouraged white supremacists to riot in the first Presidential debate.

“A dangerous moment of the debate,” Calderón wrote on social media at the time. “Trump not only does not condemn but empowers white supremacists.” 

This fake scandal occurred when moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump to condemn the Proud Boys, saying “they need to stand down.” 

Trump agreed and went along with Wallace’s language.

“Sure,” Trump declared, adding “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”  

Calderon and members of the press seized on that comment to falsely claim Trump was giving orders to his supporters to commit acts of violence in his name.

Nothing of the sort happened.

But the fact that Calderin – as well as a Bush loyalist – will be moderating the second GOP debate confirms to many Trump supporters that he is right to skip this debate as well.

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