Donald Trump just dropped an earth-shattering retirement bombshell that sent shockwaves through Washington, D.C.

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Donald Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party.

The ruling class elites in the GOP establishment can’t stand it.

And now Donald Trump just dropped an earth-shattering retirement bombshell that sent shockwaves through Washington, D.C.

RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently created an uncomfortable and cringeworthy moment when he literally froze for 19 seconds in the middle of a press conference.

Senator McConnell already spent weeks away from his duties earlier this year after he suffered a concussion following a fall.

And this latest health scare raised questions about the 81-year-old McConnell’s fitness for office, and his ability to continue serving as Republicans’ “leader” in the Senate.

In an interview with Breitbart News, former President Donald Trump explained that he thought Senator McConnelll’s health situation was “sad,” but that the Senator should retire due to his failed leadership, such as his efforts to McConnell to force a $1.7 trillion spending bill through Congress to fully funded President Joe Biden’s socialist agenda.

“I thought it was sad.” Trump began. “At the same time, I think it’s a shame he went so far out to give Green New Deal money to Biden and Democrats. He got 10 people to vote because they needed 10 people, and he got 10 people to vote on numerous occasions for trillions of dollars. I think that’s a shame. But that was too bad.”

Trump also criticized McConnell for helping Democrats pass another $1.2 trillion so-called “infrastructure” bill that was nothing more than a Trojan horse for Democrats’ environmental extremist Green New Deal scheme.

“That was a sad thing to see,” Trump added. “He had a bad fall, I guess, and probably an after-effect of that. It was also sad that he gave trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars to the Democrats to waste on the Green New Deal, destroying our oceans and destroying our great, beautiful vistas and plains all over our country with windmills that are very expensive energy. So that’s a very sad thing also.”

McConnel also colluded with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and President Biden to pass the biggest gun control bill in 30 years, which included funding for so-called “red flag” confiscation laws.

Trump said enough was enough, and that McConnell folding over and over again to Biden combined with his age and health issues meant it was time for Republicans to find a new Senate leader.

“We have to have [a new leader],” Trump said. “No, we have to have that. We have some people in the Senate that are fantastic and would be great at that position. But it’s just amazing he [McConnell] would do that — but at the same time, I hope he’s well.”

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