Donald Trump just body slammed Big Government for these shocking attacks on the American people

The “Twitter files” have been exposing how much power Big Government yields in America.

Federal agencies have even been censoring individual Americans and withholding valuable information from the voting public.

That’s why Donald Trump just body slammed Big Government for these shocking attacks on the American people.

“Beyond a doubt” the FBI is propagandizing for the Democrats

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement earlier this week slamming the “corrupt officials” and the FBI for coordinating a “massive censorship, surveillance, and propaganda campaign.” 

He said they have gone too far in their attacks against him and the American people.

Discussing the recent release of information from the social media platform, Twitter, Trump said at this point, it is “beyond all doubt” what happened here. 

He even suggested that he believed it was happening at other Big Tech companies as well.

Trump said the censorship “had nothing to do with science…[or] saving lives” and “everything to do with politics or a sick ideology.” 

The former President then said what most Americans are now coming to understand, that the federal agencies were directly involved in influencing the 2020 election.

Trump alleges agencies “systematically colluded” to withhold information

“In a most recent and notorious example, the FBI worked to stop the truth from being told about the Biden family’s criminality,” he said, adding that they had worked to slow the release of information regarding Hunter Biden “prior to the 2020 election.”

Of course, Trump isn’t the first person to have floated this idea. 

In September of last year, Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll that found 63% of American voters believe the story about Hunter’s Laptop was important. 

The “Twitter Files” have shown many former U.S. intelligence officials in senior positions at Twitter giving credence to Trump’s claim that “the FBI and other rogue agencies have been systematically colluding” with those individuals and “very likely” individuals “at other companies.” 

Trump further claimed that they did this not just “to steal an election” but to also “advance their censorship regime.” 

He said the evidence also exposed an “anti-American effort . . . to silence dissenting opinions” on the COVID pandemic.

Only “approved public health narratives” were permitted on Twitter

The former President went on to remind Americans, “they suppressed doctors and health experts who dared to question approved public health narratives, they censored voices who criticized school closures, lockdowns, and mandates.”

Americans witnessed suppression of information first hand and were simply told that items were deleted or shut down that went against the so-called science. 

The “Twitter Files” have brought new light as to just how involved the government was in all of it.

Trump warned that the government is “working with powerful corporations to seize power over you, the American people.” 

He said that this shows the urgency in his “plan to dismantle the illegal censorship regime.”

Trump calls to temporarily ban intelligence officials from getting tech jobs

Trump gave a speech about his “Digital Bill of Rights” in December. 

In his speech, he outlined his entire plan for restoring free speech online.

He said that America needs to “prosecute the perpetrators for their crimes and to restore free speech for all Americans.” 

He called on the new Congress to “immediately hold hearings to investigate the role of the FBI and other federal agencies in censoring lawful speech.”

Trump also repeated his proposal to place a “seven year cooling off period” on any former employee of the “powerful” U.S. intelligence agencies. 

This would prevent them from gaining employment from these Silicon Valley giants and end “the revolving door between the Deep State . . . and the tech tyrants.”

We do need a restoration of free speech in America.

Let’s pray that GOP lawmakers can get to work on this plan.

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