Donald Trump just blindsided Joe Biden with one damning claim

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

From the moment that Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy in 2015 the media has made it their mission to destroy him and his family. 

Meanwhile Joe Biden faces little to no pressure from the media even as he and his family face unprecedented accusations about their conduct. 

But Donald Trump just blindsided Joe Biden with this damning claim. 

The Biden family often escapes criticism from the media

When former President Donald Trump was in office, he and his family faced scathing criticism from the media every time he opened his mouth. 

The exact opposite is true with President Joe Biden, and time after time, the media has gone to extreme lengths to shield the Biden family from criticism. 

A prime example of how the media shields the Biden family is the media’s coverage of the recent discovery of a significant amount of cocaine found on White House grounds. 

Few networks are even covering this story, and the ones that do are outright refusing to discuss the alarming discovery in depth.

But on Wednesday, Trump took to Truth Social to voice his concerns over this troubling discovery at his former residence. 

“Does anybody really believe that the COCAINE found in the West Wing of the White House, very close to the Oval Office, is for the use of anyone other than Hunter & Joe Biden,” Trump said.

“But watch, the Fake News Media will soon start saying that the amount found was ‘very small,’ & it wasn’t really COCAINE, but rather common ground up Aspirin, & the story will vanish,” he added.

Later in the day, Trump doubled down on his criticism of the coverage over this alarming story, and Biden’s laughable response to the incident. 

“Where are the White House SECURITY TAPES, like the ones I openly and happily gave to Deranged Jack Smith, which will quickly show where the Cocaine in the White House came from???” Trump wrote. “They already know the answer, but probably don’t like it!”

As it stands, it is unclear who brought the cocaine onto White House grounds, and it does not appear as if Biden or his regime are particularly worried about getting to the bottom of it. 

Just another day inside the Biden White House

Normally, if a large bag of cocaine is found anywhere near the White House, it’s a major scandal. 

But, in Biden’s America, it’s just like any other day.

Having said that, Americans deserve to know how such a large bag of mysterious white powder was so easily brought into one of the most secure places in the nation. 

As Donald Trump pointed out on Truth, the White House is littered with security cameras, making investigations like this one fairly easy under normal circumstances. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.