Donald Trump is making one trip for Memorial Day weekend that could very well cost him the election

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If Donald Trump is to win the Presidency again in 2024 he has to ensure that he can hang on to states he previously won and is expected to carry again such as most southern states.

That includes battleground states like North Carolina and Georgia as well as the rest of the southern states.

But Donald Trump is making one trip for Memorial Day weekend that could very well cost him the election.

NASCAR country is Trump country

No fan base in sports is comprised of more freedom-loving, patriotic, working class Americans than NASCAR.

Out-of-touch, woke corporate executives who control the sport have obviously attempted to bend the knee to the woke left-wing outrage mob in numerous cases – not to mention dilute their core fan base by gutting the sport of its southern, short track roots.

But NASCAR fans have overwhelmingly held true to their traditional, conservative values, and the in-fields, campgrounds, and stands at virtually every race remain filled with American flags and other statements that fly in direct contradiction to the woke agenda.

Needless to say, considering the fact that the sports’ core demographic remains traditional, mostly southern, working class Americans, when it comes to the 2024 election, NASCAR fans overwhelmingly prefer former President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden.

That’s a reality that Trump knows well, as he previously attended the 2020 Daytona 500 – just weeks before the COVID pandemic lockdowns began – during his final year in office, and was greeted with raucous welcome from the hundreds of thousands of NASCAR fans in attendance.

Now, reports have indicated that Trump is planning to head to Charlotte Motor Speedway for this weekend’s Coca-Cola 600 – one of the NASCAR Cup Series’ Crown Jewel races.

But there is reason to believe that NASCAR fans may not be as happy about having the former President at the race this time around.

Will Trump ruin the Coca-Cola 600?

A former President and current presumptive Republican Presidential nominee attending a NASCAR race doesn’t happen every weekend, and is a big story in itself. 

And while NASCAR fans would generally love to have Trump at a race, his attendance could cause major issues that could rob fans of witnessing motorsports history.

That’s because Hendrick Motorsports’ Kyle Larson, who won the Cup Series Championship in 2021, is attempting to become just the fifth driver in motorsports history to complete the historic feat of competing in both the Coca-Cola 600 and Indianapolis 500 on the same day.



The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend has long been known as the greatest day of the year for motorsports fans as they can wake up to enjoy Formula 1’s historic Monaco Grand Prix, roll right into the Indy 500 that afternoon, and cap the day off with the Coke 600 – some of the most historic, iconic, and prestigious races in the world.

The fact that the Coke 600 and Indy 500 are on the same day – separated by just a few hours, and taking place in different time zones – gives the top drivers in the world the opportunity to attempt to make history by completing both races.

And when it comes to the top drivers in the world, few – if any – are above Larson at the moment.

But the opportunity to put his name in the record books also comes with plenty of hurdles for Larson to overcome, including navigating the logistics of getting out of his IndyCar and to a private plane, flying halfway across the country from Indianapolis to Charlotte, having plenty of IVs on the plane, and making it into his Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet for the start of the Coke 600.

And that’s where the issue arises with Trump planning to attend the race in Charlotte.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s website, “No person may operate an aircraft over or in the vicinity of any area to be visited or traveled by the President, the Vice President, or other public figures contrary to the restrictions established by the FAA and published in a NOTAM.” 

Even though Trump isn’t the current President, he is a top candidate for the office and has continued to receive virtually the same protections he did as President. 

So it will be interesting to see if Trump ends up costing Larson a shot at making history by competing in both races, not to mention potentially having a shot at becoming the first driver to ever win both races.

Only two-time NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart has competed in both races on the same day and finished on the lead lap in both, and with Larson already qualifying in the top-5 for the Indy 500 and a near-automatic favorite in any NASCAR race in which he competes, he certainly has the best chance of any driver in history to pull off such a monumental accomplishment.

And needless to say, while NASCAR fans are certainly fans of Donald Trump as well, if the former President happens to be the reason that doesn’t happen, millions of Americans may never forgive him.

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