Donald Trump did a happy dance after the U.S. Civil Rights Commission handed him this massive victory

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Democrats have been out to destroy Donald Trump for years now.

That obviously isn’t working out the way they expected.

And Donald Trump did a happy dance after the U.S. Civil Rights Commission handed him this massive victory.

Former President Donald Trump defied the ruling class establishment when he pointed out that unchecked mass illegal immigration has resulted in a slow, yet serious breakdown of the quality of life for working class Americans.

While crime has continued to skyrocket, the amount of fentanyl pouring into the country has become an increasingly serious issue nationwide.

Democrats were able to bake in open border policies to the Democrat platform because it would solidify themselves as unwilling to work with Trump under any circumstances.

Trump has continuously argued, especially in states such as Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, that much of their struggles related to crime and drug abuse is actually connected to the southern border.

While Democrats have absolutely refused to even consider the possibility of Trump being correct, the country has suffered as a result.

It wasn’t until border states began transporting many illegal immigrants to Democrat-controlled “sanctuary states” that some Democrats began taking note of the issue.

While the debate over the handling of the border has become more acceptable, many think tanks, nonprofits, and government agencies are being forced into the spotlight for remaining so quiet on this issue.

As it turns out, in 2010, the U.S. Civil Rights Commission actually published a report explaining the serious problems with Democrats’ open border policies – problems that have already become extremely noticeable.

This report is one that Biden and Democrats do not want you to see.

According to Breitbart, the USCRC found that “there is a negative effect on wages of low-skill black workers…”

In fact, the report actually explained that by failing to address problems with illegal immigration, the damage to the black community has only been “exacerbated” as time goes on.

Dr. Vernon Briggs, Jr., one of the panelists quoted in this report, shared his professional opinion based on his studies as a former professor emeritus of labor economics at Cornell University.

Professor Briggs told the commission, “no issue has negatively ‘affected the economic well-being of African Americans more’ than immigration.”

The report connected the fact that roughly 60% of African-American men fail to enter the workforce with more than a high school diploma. This puts them at competition with unskilled immigrants coming over the border looking for jobs.

Breitbart then connected the dots, mentioning that, “the federal government gives green cards to more than a million immigrants, in addition to about 1.2 million foreign nationals who are given work visas to take American jobs.”

We can start understanding that Trump was, once again, correct this entire time.

This is definitely true when we consider that there are an estimated 15.5 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S.

While Democrats have been trying to paint Trump’s position of addressing the illegal immigration issue as some form of “racism,” this report proved that Trump was not only correct, but that the most threatened demographic is actually black Americans.

It is no shocker that Democrats attempted to bury this report, but the U.S. Civil Rights Commission can no longer ignore the seriousness of failing to address the problem.

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