Disgraced ESPN talking head Jemele Hill just declared Caitlin Clark “problematic” for one blood-boiling reason

John Mac, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Woke extremist feminists tend to spend most of their time complaining that the so-called “patriarchy” is oppressing women and keeping them from achieving their full potential.

Interestingly though it’s often those very woke extremist feminists who openly play the biggest role in tearing their fellow women down.

And disgraced ESPN talking head Jemele Hill’s unhinged rant against “problematic” Caitlin Clark will make your blood boil.

Caitlin Clark does the impossible 

Caitlin Clark spent her freshman and sophomore years at Iowa breaking school and Big Ten records.

Then as a junior, Clark became the first woman to ever record a triple-double in a Big Ten final, and followed that up by becoming the first person in college basketball history to achieve a 40- point triple-double, all while leading the Hawkeyes to the NCAA title game.

She didn’t win the title have while leading her team to the NCAA title game. instead – And then in her final season as a student-athlete, Clark eclipsed Pete Maravich’s career point total, while also winning the NCAA championship for her team.

And then in her final season as a student-athlete, Clark eclipsed Pete Maravich’s career point total, while also winning the NCAA championship for her team.

In the process, Clark did what was believed to be impossible – she convinced sports fans to watch women’s basketball.

In fact, according to a release from ESPN, 18.9 million fans tuned in to witness Clark’s Hawkeyes take on the South Carolina Gamecocks for the title.

It was the most-watched women’s basketball game of all-time, and the largest audience for an ESPN-broadcasted college basketball game ever, male or female – although, ESPN has never broadcast a men’s NCAA tournament game, much less a championship game, so it’s essentially an apples-and-oranges comparison.

Despite her accomplishments and the attention she’s bringing to the sport, Clark has gained hateful, racist, and bigoted criticism for having the audacity to be the number one pick in the WNBA Draft and scoring an endorsement deal with Nike, despite being white.

White basketball players are apparently “problematic” 

The latest person to jump on the Clark hatewagon is disgraced former ESPN host, and current writer for the left-wing rag The Atlantic, Jemele Hill. 

In an interview with the LA Times, Hill called Clark “problematic” because she’s a straight, white professional basketball player. 

“We would all be very naive if we didn’t say race and her sexuality played a role in her popularity,” Hill claimed without evidence. “While so many people are happy for Caitlin’s success — including the players; this has had such an enormous impact on the game — there is a part of it that is a little problematic because of what it says about the worth and the marketability of the players who are already there.”

For the record, the “players who are already there” include women from all walks of life.

And those players have had 27 years to get fans interested in the WNBA. 

But despite massive efforts from Democrats’ media allies and the NBA – whose subsidization of the WNBA remains the only reason the league has been able to continue operating in spite of massive financial losses each year – they’ve failed miserably.

That is, until Clark burst onto the scene. 

The WNBA does the diversity 

And now, some fans are paying attention to the league for the first time. 

And what does Clark get for it? 

Hateful, racist, and heterophobic comments from the likes of Jemele Hill. 

Hill went on to add that the lone bright side of Clark is that the WNBA is now under the microscope and has to pay more attention to “diversity.” 

But to the surprise of no one who paid attention, Breitbart reported that the league is already 70.3% black with an additional 11% identifying as “women of color.”

Furthermore, about 30% of WNBA players identify as gay, lesbian, or queer.

Add in the league is 100% female – for the time being, at least – and all of those numbers blow away national demographic averages. 

But none of it is good enough for race-baiting, woke extremists, like Jemele Hill. 

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