Desperate Liz Cheney sponsored a bill to remind everyone that Donald Trump is dangerous for democracy

Nancy Pelosi’s one-sided January 6 Committee has been focused solely on attacking the public image of Donald Trump.

It’s been abundantly clear in their efforts to broadcast so-called “updates” in the corporate-controlled press.

And a desperate Liz Cheney sponsored a bill to remind everyone that Donald Trump is dangerous for democracy.

January 6 is a never ending excuse for the Left to seize on a crisis

Many Americans, furious over last-minute, pandemic-related rules changes, questioned the results of the 2020 Presidential election, leading to a record-breaking number of people showing up in Washington, D.C. to protest the electoral vote count on January 6.

Unfortunately, when a small fraction of a percentage of those protestors entered the U.S. Capitol building illegally and interrupted the count, the damage was done.

Now those Americans who had legitimate cause for concern are called radical election deniers – or worse, “insurrectionists.”

It couldn’t be farther from the truth, but here we are.

Now Liz Cheney and her friends from the January 6 Committee have pushed an amendment to the Electoral Count Act through the House.  

They hope to use it to stir up Democrats and try to demonize Republicans ahead of the Midterms. 

The bill is meant to “uphold democracy” and prevent “radical state legislators” from overseeing their elections

They want to remind people that on January 6 Trump allegedly almost ended their democracy.

One House Democrat said this bill is about “Upholding our democracy” and to protect us from further “insurrectionists’ assault on the capitol.”

And that’s exactly what they want everyone to think about with this bill.

Pelosi attacked the state legislatures and their role in certifying and overseeing elections claiming the bill is about “Preventing these radical state legislators from altering the outcome.”

Cheney described the bill as one that “will prevent Congress from illegally choosing the President itself,” and that if you want to “leave open the door for elections to be stolen in the future you might decide not to support this.”

Now the bill will go to the Senate where they’ve already been working on a similar package.

Trump slammed the J6 Committee’s amendment to the Electoral Count Act and says it proves Pence could have sent back electors

Trump took no time in responding to the passing of the bill when he posted to Truth Social.

He started by pointing out an interesting fact, “The House just passed a Bill which prohibits the Vice President from doing what all the ‘great’ Democrat & RINO legal scholars said he couldn’t do, ‘under any circumstances,’ regarding sending election results back to State Legislatures.”

Trump further explained they’re attempting to strip the Vice President of his Constitutional authority, “If the V.P. couldn’t do it, then why are they passing legislation saying he can’t do it. BECAUSE HE COULD HAVE DONE IT, and should have, based on large scale fraudulent election results. Would have been a different result. REPUBLICAN SENATORS SHOULD VOTE NO!”

Americans can see right through this bill, just like they have with the failed January 6 Committee.

Now we will see if the Republicans in the Senate hold their ground.

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