Democrats were left mortified after this ABC News poll revealed that Joe Biden set one embarrassing record

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Joe Biden seems to be in disbelief about what the American people think of him.

But the numbers don’t lie. 

And now Democrats were left mortified after this ABC News poll revealed that Joe Biden set one embarrassing record.

According to a recent poll conducted by ABC News, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit a new low, sending shockwaves through the political landscape. 

With only a 31% approval rating, Biden now holds the unfortunate record for the lowest approval rating for any U.S. President over the past 15 years.

The survey, conducted by Langer Research Associates and Ipsos Public Affairs, highlights the growing discontent among Americans.

According to the poll, a staggering 58% of respondents expressed their disapproval of Biden’s job performance as President. 

This dismal approval rating surpasses even the lowest point in Trump’s tenure, which stood at 36%.

One of the most significant blows to Biden comes in the realm of immigration, where just 18% of Americans approve of his handling of the situation at the southern border. 

This is a sharp decline from his approval rating on the issue in the spring, indicating a substantial loss of support in this crucial area. 

ABC News noted that this makes Biden the U.S. President with the lowest approval rating on immigration since former President George W. Bush in January 2004.

The economic front doesn’t fare much better for Biden, with only 13% of Americans stating that they are better off financially since he took office. 

This contrasts sharply with a 37-year record set in September, where 43% feel they are not as well off. 

A near equal 41% believe they are about the same financially as they were when the current regime took power. 

This statistic stands in sharp contrast with the Biden regime’s claims that they have made such positive changes.

ABC News draws attention to the fact that during the middle of Trump’s term, only 13% expressed a decline in financial well-being, a third of the current disapproval rate under Biden. 

The poll indicates that just 31% approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while 56% disapprove.

The handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict is another sore spot for the Biden regime, with only 26% of Americans approving of his approach, while 48% express disapproval. 

Notably, a significant 25% of respondents did not express an opinion on the matter.

As President Biden faces the lowest approval ratings on record, questions arise about the future of his regime. 

With challenges on multiple fronts, the survey indicates a growing dissatisfaction amongst the American people. 

Whether Joe Biden can reverse this trend and regain the support of the people remains to be seen, but these numbers undoubtedly present a significant hurdle.

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