Democrats want to pass this massive new spending bill while the economy is on the brink of collapse

There is no way of denying that the American economy is barreling towards a recession. 

Almost two years of socialist tax-and-spend policies have caused inflation to skyrocket, prices to rise, and the markets to plummet. 

Despite the American economy being on the brink of an all-out collapse, Democrats want to pass this massive new spending bill. 

What led to the current state of the economy

As it stands, just about every measurable aspect of the American economy is worse now than when Donald Trump was president. 

Inflation is skyrocketing, prices for just about everything are up and the economy is on a glide path to ruin. 

The reason why the economy has soured so quickly is much more simple than you might imagine. 

Joe Biden and the radical Left’s socialist tax-and-spend agenda, combined with other disastrous anti-American policies from Joe Biden has crippled America’s standing on the world stage. 

Crucial supply chains are broken, and vital resources such as oil, baby formula, and many food items are expensive and in low supply while demand is higher than ever. 

With that in mind, it does not take a genius to figure out how things have managed to get so bad in just under two years of Democrat control. 

The Democrats’ only solution is to spend more

For the radical Left, even some so-called “Republicans,” government spending is like heroin for them. 

They cannot get enough of it and quitting is just about impossible. 

That is no more obvious than now, as Democrats have just unveiled a new massive spending package, estimated to be around half a trillion dollars. 

Not only is this an absurdly high amount of money to pile onto the national debt, but it could not come at a worse time. 

As it stands, America is teetering on an all-out collapse, and spending another half a trillion dollars will do nothing but make the situation worse. 

According to the Democrats in the Senate who wish to pass this bill, the bill is designed to address issues regarding the climate and healthcare.

The bill is allegedly going to bring in $1 trillion in revenue from, you guessed it, tax increases. 

Why this spending bill is so dangerous right now

Spending half of a trillion dollars is never a good idea, but now is the worst possible time to increase taxes on American workers. 

With inflation reaching unheard-of levels, Americans are having to stretch their dollars more than at any time in recent memory. 

A tax hike would be an absolute catastrophe for many of these already struggling families. 

If anything, America needs tax CUTS right now. 

Hopefully, this bill does not make it out of committee, but if it does and it passes it will wreak havoc on the lives of millions. 

As of now the bill is a reconciliation package, which means only 50 Senators need to sign on, and as it stands Democrats have 50 Senators.

Each and every Democrat Senator needs to realize that voting for this spending package is deadly political poison headed into the Midterms. 

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