Democrats slammed their first in rage after a new poll revealed voters’ true concerns in the 2024 election

Photo by chayka1270 from Pixabay

Democrats and their media allies constantly barrage working class Americans with propaganda about the dangers of climate change.

But the reality is that most people have a lot more to worry about than “environmental justice.”

And Democrats slammed their first in rage after a new poll revealed voters’ true concerns in the 2024 election.

Poll uncovers the truth about voter worries

A new survey conducted by the American Energy Alliance (AEA) and the Committee to Unleash Property asked 1,600 likely voters what issues they were most concerned about.

The respondents were equally divided among eight battleground states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio.

Any items that could be added to the list of concerns required at least 3% of the respondents to state what they were specifically in the open question section.

According to the results, just 3% of people said climate change is the most important issue facing the United States today, and less than 3% of Republicans believe climate change is the most pressing issue.

Approximately 39% of voters said the top issue was the economy and inflation, with 49% of Republicans saying it was the most pressing issue America faces.

The survey also asked how much respondents would be willing to spend each year to help address global warming.

The median amount was $10, and the average amount was $371.

In the past, global warming was often one of the most important concerns among Americans polled.

For example, a 2022 Pew Research poll found that 75% of respondents believed that global warming was a major threat among a pre-set list of concerns that also included the spread of infectious diseases and online misinformation.

According to AEA President Tom Pyle, the survey included an open-ended question asking what voters feel the most pressing issue in the nation is.

“That gives us a much more accurate picture of what’s on a voter’s mind when a lot of times surveys give you sort of a predetermined list of issues,” Pyle said.

As a result, climate change was clearly not a top concern. 

Pyle said the AEA has been conducting the survey for around 12 years, and there hasn’t been a lot of change regarding how voters feel about climate and energy.

Part of the poll asked likely voters what the second most important issue facing the nation is, and 20% of all those polled said the economy and inflation, including 23% of Republicans.

Other issues also trumped climate change

Not only was climate change not part of the top concerns, but it also didn’t come close to other problems like immigration.

Approximately 10% of those polled said immigration was the number-one most pressing concern, including 18% of Republicans.

It was the second most pressing issue for 12% of those polled, including 20% of Republicans.

Other top-ranking concerns included the national budget, healthcare, and President Joe Biden.

The poll also found that 89% of Republicans agree that the federal government shouldn’t increase energy costs, and 81% of Democrats said the same. 

Based on the results of this poll, it’s clear that Americans are worried about a whole lot more than climate change.

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