Democrats’ sinister scheme to play God is gaining momentum in Europe after it took a sinister turn that will rock you to your core

Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

This is one of the cruelest stories of the year.

Sadly this evil is not unexpected.

And Democrats’ sinister scheme to play God is gaining momentum in Europe after it took a sinister turn that will rock you to your core.

Democrats are the Party of despair

Sometimes, life is filled with despair and a sense of lost hope.

If you’re a Christian you believe that ever since the fall of man we have had to suffer and endure pain as we live in sin.

It’s just a rite of passage to have some times in your life that you will want to forget.

And no one’s alone in that feeling – we’ve all been there.

But Democrat policies thrive when you are at your lowest point.

Just think about it.

When you are dependent on government for everything, you are in a dark place in life.

Odds are, you are more susceptible to wanting to punish the rich when you are struggling in life.

And oftentimes, Democrats put you in the best position to fail and be a victim whenever they get the chance.

That’s why they do everything they can to make sure you don’t have the right to defend yourself with a firearm.

But lately, Democrats have been pushing a new policy of what to do when you just can’t take the despair caused by their policies anymore.

Euthanasia is being used for an awful purpose

Over the past few years, more and more Democrat politicians have been pushing suicide on-demand, otherwise known as euthanasia.

And so far ten jurisdictions in the United States – Washington, D.C., California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, Maine, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Washington – have suicide on demand, and all of those jurisdictions are controlled by Democrats.

Europe, on the other hand, has had suicide on-demand for years, and reports are starting to come in on what is really happening with these government-endorsed programs.

In the Netherlands, a study was just released on suicide on-demand by Kingston University.

And the study found that 21% of those killed in such suicide on-demand programs had intellectual disability or autism listed as the sole reason for their state-sponsored death.

The study stated that “[f]actors directly associated with intellectual disability and/or ASD were the sole cause of suffering described in 21% of cases and a major contributing factor in a further 42% of cases.”

This is sickening but not unexpected.

For over a century, left-wing radicals have been targeting people with mental disabilities as unwanted members of society, or a drain on the system.

Now, state-endorsed suicide on-demand allows government to encourage such “undesirables” to kill themselves.

Hopefully, America wakes up to this madness before it’s too late.

People with disabilities, or those who’ve hit a rough patch, need encouragement to keep going, or advice on how to cope with their feelings – not encourage them to kill themselves.

Should free Americans be able to decide when their lives have come to an end?