Democrats just took complete control of this state for the first time since 1983

Election night was brutal.

Far from being the predicted “red wave,” Republicans are hoping to take a slim majority in the House while licking their wounds from unexpected losses of state legislatures.

In fact, things were so bad, Democrats just took complete control of this state for the first time since 1983.

If Virginia is any indicator, a slew of liberal proposals are likely coming down the pike in this Rust Belt state.

Gretchen Whitmer re-elected and Democrats seize control of the Legislature

What was clear enough last night for political observers is that President Trump’s endorsement wasn’t worth much in a pile of must-win states for Republicans.

In Michigan, where Trump had arguably an out-sized influence, Republicans from the top of the ballot to the bottom were annihilated. 

Gretchen Whitmer coasted to re-election after polling seemingly indicated a much closer election.

And the Michigan House of Representatives, which was thought to be a safe backstop for Republicans, fell into the hands of the Democrats for the first time in decades.

Democrats now have a slim 56 to 54 majority in the House and the State Senate is tied up at 19 to 19, with Democrat Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilcrist controlling the tie-breaking vote.

Abortion enshrined in State Constitution

As if Democrats taking complete control of government in Michigan wasn’t bad enough, the “right” to have an abortion up until birth and without parental consent was also enshrined into the Michigan State Constitution.

The Michigan Constitution allows for Constitutional Amendments to be added to the State Constitution by a simple majority vote, which is just a horribly low standard that allows all sorts of left-wing garbage to be added to the Constitution.

The “Reproductive Freedom For All” is as radical as an abortion amendment can get and even allows for minors to become sterilized without parental consent.

Governor Whitmer disturbingly called abortion a plan for economic development growth and ironically a plan for population growth for Michigan, but I wouldn’t be surprised by a mass exodus of families leaving the State of Michigan with its new found hostility towards families.

Gun control, higher taxes, and climate nonsense to come

Michigan Democrats are likely to move fast on a slew of left-wing agenda items once they take the gavel of power in January, just as Virginia Democrats did in 2020.

With the Michigan Legislature meeting year round, the threat will be ever-present as Democrats are likely to work to fundamentally change the State of Michigan, even if it costs them seats in the 2024 election.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats know how to use their slim majorities to push their radical agenda and don’t care about the short-term cost so long as they get their policies through.

It is going to be a difficult two years for conservative Michiganders. 

Hopefully there will be enough resistance in the grassroots to slow down the Democrats and derail at least some of their agenda.

That is, of course, assuming that Republicans can actually make gains in 2024. 

But with the new “independent” redistricting commission gerrymandering the snot out of the legislative districts, Democrats could be in the driver seat for some time.

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